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Posted By: Scott44 Center Channel upgrade advice. vp180 or m80 - 02/08/15 12:54 AM
I have almost completed my 14x25 Dedicated HT with a 147"AT screen. LCR speakers sit behind the screen so I can put anything I want back there. I currently have
2 M80's v2
2 QS8's v2
I want to add a better center and it has been suggested to me by some to just add another M80 rather than a vp180. Long story short they seem to think the vp180 has design flaws....what do you guys think?
Would you suggest a separate amp currently using a Marantz 7008.
also I want to add rear channel so i would assume 2 more QS8's or should i use a direct style speaker. They will be mounted 4ft. behind seats with the current QS8's along the sides.
Posted By: AAAA Re: Center Channel upgrade advice. vp180 or m80 - 02/08/15 01:25 AM
Wow. Are all 3 fronts within the envelope of the screen? If so brwsaw is the best to answer your question. He does as you are thinkng.... cool

Center channels are horizontal to accomidate positions above or below the screen. They are a design workaround vs a normal speaker to meet functional criteria.

Your room sounds cool. Voice of oliver twist "please sir, can we 'ave some pics."
Any time you can use 3 identical speakers up front will give you the best, seemless sound. There are design compromises in a horizontal centre simply because the vast majority of users must place it below or above the screen. This is true for all manufactures of horizontal centres, not just Axiom. The VP180 and 160 are excellent centres but if you are able to use a third M80, I'd definitely go that route.
How do I post pics here?
Post them on a photo site, get a link to the actual image (typically ends in something like .jpg), then post it here with "[img]"<link to picture>"[/img]" with IMG in upper case (for some reason the site converted my example to lower case). There's probably a button to do that on the advanced menu but I never remember in time.

I'm hoping someone else can recommend a photo site. A lot of internet service providers include free photo/file hosting so check that first - it's probably the least likely to shut down without warning and take all your photos with it.
Scott, I agree that a third M80 used as the center is the ideal solution when it can be placed properly, as it can be in your setup.

The 125 watt 7008 should have ample power for your needs, unless you listen at an extremely loud(and dangerous to hearing)level or at an unusually long distance. There should be no good reason to spend money on an additional separate amplifier.

Because of the relatively close proximity of the back surrounds in your setup, the wider dispersion of the QSs would be the preferred choice.

Still under construction, but it is coming along good...&#128540;
Definitely add a third M80. Watch the deals here for a V2. I'd post a link but this IPad won't allow me to open the drop down "Deals" button.
If it's time and funds are available consider trading up to 3xV4 M80's.
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