bought a vp 180

Posted by: huskydave

bought a vp 180 - 03/22/15 09:57 AM

just purchased a new vp 180 and thought I would give a review after a week or so. I have v1 m80's on the front and some Energy Veritas V-Mini Bookshelf Speakers on the rear only because axiom does not have anything small enough for my room. I have a lamp next to me and not much room to mount them. The drivers on the vp180 sound very similar to the older m80's except for the new tweeters they are a lot better than the older ones, having this big center is nice and the front soundstage blends in perfectly. I have always had large speakers on the front and not enough center to keep the voices in check but this unit is just plain awesome.
Posted by: theskins

Re: bought a vp 180 - 03/22/15 06:09 PM

Hey glad you like the 180 ,it is a nice speaker
Did you have a center speaker before this?what was it?
Posted by: huskydave

Re: bought a vp 180 - 03/23/15 07:50 PM

I have been out of surround sound for a while I had some Dibeisi speakers they were ok but the center was too small as I had 3 home made 3 way speakers on each front with a power amp pushing them. I blew a few of them up and bought the m80's. I watch a lot of movies and wanted to get at least 5 speakers hooked up. I am pretty happy with this setup for now. I don't know if I will even hook up the center surrounds I found they didn't really do much in most movies. Im going to buy an ada 1500 2 or 3 channel amp or try and find a used bryston 4b, my amp actually does fine for movies but when I listen to music it is struggling at only 110 watts a channel.