M3 and Emotiva Amp

Posted by: DigitalGrit

M3 and Emotiva Amp - 09/12/15 02:37 AM

Hi folks. Finally ordered my M60s after lots of great advice from people on these forums. I have a new question. I bought an Emotiva 3CH power amp for my home theatre setup (Marantz 5007 as preamp). I'm currently driving a set of Sound Dynamics RTS-3 (bookshelves, dipole surrounds and mid) with these. My M3s are at my folks' place.

I'm wondering if the M3s would be fine with my Emotiva XPA-3 (200W/Ch with 3 Channels)? I never drive them extremely loud. I've had my receiver up to -40dB listening to it today (with the lower rated Sound Dynamics speakers). I have my M60s to 'rock out' with, If I want loud (with a vintage Sansui).

Am I going down the right path with the M3s? They supposedly handle 175/Ch ok, and I'm never going to be running the EMO full out...
Posted by: 2x6spds

Re: M3 and Emotiva Amp - 09/12/15 03:47 AM

If your listening intentions for the M3s are jazz, vocals, sweet orchestrals, at near field volumes, you will probably rarely exceed 1 watt.

The M3s are a perfect speaker with a nice SET tube amp. Of course the Emotiva will also work. you don't have to use all those watts.
Posted by: DigitalGrit

Re: M3 and Emotiva Amp - 09/13/15 02:50 AM

I'll likely listen to classic rock and jazz mostly. Kid enjoys classic rock too, but sometimes there Katy Perry or Taylor Swift happening, lol. Mostly classic rock though (and movies, of course).

Most of my music listening will be with the two channel setup (M60s and Sansui or Yamaha or Marantz vintage receivers - I have a few). The main focus of this system will be movies, and video.