Speaker connections

Posted by: Premo

Speaker connections - 09/14/15 12:51 PM

I would like to know how Mr.Dek Spoon connected those 17 speakers to the 8801 processor.
I am presently building a theatre room and would like to go just a little further. I would like to have L/R, main, 2 centre, 4 front heights, 6 surround, 2 rear height, 1 v.o.g. for aura 3d,and 4 ceiling for dolby atmos, although I would love to put six pieces in the ceiling.
Marantz av 8802a processor.
Too many sleepless nights trying to figure this out.ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.
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Re: Speaker connections - 09/14/15 03:21 PM

Assuming you arent trolling.....

You need to look at pro speaker matrixing options. The 8802 is only 13.2 channel capable. The only option I see is to connect some channels in parallel, and splitting the signal with a y-style adapter.

This system sounds a little ridiculous. Best of luck to you. Why dont you ask Mr. Dek Spoon how he did it?
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Re: Speaker connections - 09/14/15 07:44 PM

I am hoping Mr. Dek Spoon would reply. I have a 7 channel amp. which is biwire, I am not sure if I can split the channels on this particular amp. Then there is a 5 channel, and three 2 channels, of which I am hoping to use just one of the 2 channel amp for the main.
Thanks for the info.
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Re: Speaker connections - 09/14/15 07:49 PM

Looks like that dude posted exactly twice, so I wouldn't expect a reply. In any case, his system wasn't all that outlandish; he just had an extra pair of surrounds (which he could have been running as heights or wides, can't tell from the pics). What you are proposing is much more grand--I'd guess you'll need to be splitting your inputs into multiple amps somehow (and I'm not sure how you might do that without losing signal from your preamps).

EDIT: Also, he didn't have 17 speakers connected to his preamp--a lot of those are outdoor speakers, most likely on a separate system or at least in a separate zone. There are only 9 indoor speakers+2 subs. (Only!)
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Re: Speaker connections - 09/14/15 08:16 PM

I thought he was running all of the speakers from the 8801
Thanks for the reply.