Posted by: eman

FOR SALE - 10/05/15 05:41 AM

Didn't know I couldn't post about for sale items .
Posted by: MarkSJohnson

Re: FOR SALE - 10/05/15 05:52 AM

Hi eman-
For sale posts are not allowed on the forums.
Posted by: eman

Re: FOR SALE - 10/05/15 05:53 AM

Wow , didn't know that.
Posted by: eman

Re: FOR SALE - 10/05/15 06:48 AM

Well can I post a link ?
Posted by: nickbuol

Re: FOR SALE - 10/05/15 09:58 AM

Not really. I mean, you are bypassing the system on a technicality.
Posted by: Ian

Re: FOR SALE - 10/05/15 10:57 AM

Hi eman,

We had thought about having a place for selling products on our forum but in the end we decided against it because we had no way to ensure anything about the transaction went smoothly and people would legitimately feel that we should as they got to it through our site. We went with the trade-up program instead as that way we could ensure everything went well with the transaction.