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Posted By: danielrg Mounting M2 Speaker without studs - 11/25/15 03:28 AM
I have a place I'd like to mount my M2 speaker using the "full metal bracket", but there isn't a stud.

Do I need to mount it into a stud, or can I use the toggle brackets that put a little metal bar behind the wall? The one I have is rated 100lbs on the wall, 50 lbs on the ceiling for 1/2" drywall.

I can mount in stud if I have to but would prefer not.

I could also paint a little block of poplar or something and mount the bracket to that then mount that to the wall to give better leverage.

Any ideas welcome. Thanks in advance!
Posted By: danielrg Re: Mounting M2 Speaker without studs - 11/25/15 07:33 AM
Weird - shows no views at all after a few hours. Wondering if this even posted to the board?
Posted By: a401classic Re: Mounting M2 Speaker without studs - 11/25/15 11:20 AM
Yep, its here...

Depends on the age and condition of your drywall. In an older home in a high humidity environment, I wouldn't risk it. The drywall may be less than structurally sound.

If you have attic access, put a cross brace between joists and you'll be able to put the full metal bracket into solid wood exactly where you want it. If not, use the toggle variety and don't over tighten them - at some point you're just crushing drywall.

Posted By: Jc Re: Mounting M2 Speaker without studs - 11/25/15 04:34 PM
You could also mount the metal bracket to a bearing plate (could be a piece of 4" x 8" x 1/2" MDF or plywood) which would be hidden by the speaker and painted the same color as the wall. You could then attach the bearing plate to the dry wall using several fasteners to reduce and spread the load on a larger area of the dry wall. You can install the bearing plate first then install the metal bracket or power bracket to it.
Posted By: danielrg Re: Mounting M2 Speaker without studs - 11/25/15 08:17 PM
Thanks for the advice! I found a piece of poplar in my wood pile that I'll paint the wall color and attach that way to spread the load. I zip tied the speaker with the bracket to it and held it up and it does significantly reduce the torsional load on the screw at the top of the plate, so it should be much easier on the drywall.

Any other advice / horror stories welcome too!
I have QS8's on the wall and I used drywall anchors. They look like a huge wood screw and the grab the drywall with gusto. I am in an older house and no issues what so ever. The nice thing is you can run them in a little farther, slap on some filler and bobs your uncle.
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