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Posted By: mrspeeed Remote options - 07/10/16 08:20 PM

I've been working on a full house install. I've done all the piping from all zones to a central location where all my equipment will be in a rack. I am trying to make this install as clean as possible. I've been quoted for a very expense Control4 system but it seems to fit the bill.

I am trying to control 6 sources via a matrix sent to the following zones:

1 - 11.2.4 Atmos,TV
2 - Two 5.1 systems with TV's
3 - 2.0 system with TV
4 - Two TV's only

Any other options that I should consider? I am more concerned with the simplicity of control for my wife and kids. I have 3 AVR's for the 3 mutli speaker zones (Denon: 7200WA, 4520CI, 1713 plus an extra Rotel amp). I've successfully used the internal matrix/multiple zones/multiple hdmi outs in the AVRs during a prior build but this was not really user friendly for my kids.

I am ready to sign the quote with the installer so just doing some last minute checking.
Posted By: Gr8_White_North Re: Remote options - 07/11/16 12:50 AM
Although a control 4 setup is expensive its seems the best bet to use a professional for what you are doing. Your needs exceed a harmony remote imho. There are other diy options but they require a lot of work by the end user. You could look into a ip control along with a tablet but it gets complicated fast. It all depends on your skill level, (mine is low LOL) and determination. You could look at irule and the recommended hardware for equipment that doesn't support ip control . Lots of reading and experimenting, I started doing it and was getting thing working pretty good but ran out of money for the extra hardware I needed.
Posted By: BBIBH Re: Remote options - 07/11/16 01:07 PM
Crestron makes a few solutions that we have implemented at our university. All control points work well - audio, video, screens, computers, lighting, projectors.
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