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After - 12/19/16 09:26 PM

I haven't given up yet. I am pretty bummed the day may yet come when I need to sell my gear.

I've been playing War Thunder for a while but never worried about leveling up the aircraft. My tanks aren't too shabby though.

To give a sense of scale the center roof tile is a standard 2x4' tile turned so you see the widest side.

I'm 12' from the screen.

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So glad I got rid of the excess red in the image. Never really noticed when I took the image but it sure shows in the image.
I told you the room was dark...
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I keep telling myself that I should at least play a few games in my theater. My HTPC is MORE than powerful enough to play pretty much all current games, and yet I don't play because I have a wireless keyboard/mouse that is inconsistent from the front row seats. I should just buy a USB extension cable and give it a go. I see that War Thunder is free to play (the base game anyway), so I am downloading it to my Steam library now....
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I like war thunder. Its a major grinder type game if you dont feel like paying to play.
I dont.
It is satisfying to upgrade your tanks and crews after a few hard fought battles.
The surround used to be incredible. Either I ruined it by moving my gear or they did with the neverending updates.
Nothing ruins my evening faster than claiming an hour in th HT only to have to wait for a big update.
Better internet helps, so does leaving it in standby if/when you can.
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What are we looking at here Blair. Carnage of your weekend drinking LOLZ
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Lol, tx.
I moved my screen forward, away from the front wall ~10 days ago. Glad I did.
Something I seen somewhere, lol.
About 7' from the front wall.
It really tightened up the seating, lol.
It's tough to get a good picture in a dark room. I had to turn everything off and just use the built it flash in my cell.
Pict or it didn't happen...

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I haven't been behind my screen for a while...holy crap theres a lot of space back there...