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Posted By: kyson Does anyone know what it might be? - 02/14/17 07:03 AM
The image attached is the circuit that I found. Could anyone venture a guess as to what this might do based on the components and design? My guess is that it's some type of audio signal modulator, given the 1/8th audio jack ports and potentiometers.


•The board has four 1/8th audio jack ports, two are larger than the rest and have "N" and "M" stamped on them.

•It has one common power input used by most laptop chargers.

•It has one pushbutton switch.

•It has two 85k potentiometers.

•It has one small port on the side with two leads, probably relating to power input or output.

•It has a TDA7360 Audio Amplifier chip, a BUK573 MOSFET, a HCF4066 Quad Bilateral Switch, a MC14013B Dual Type D Flip-Flop, a LF347 Op-Amp (TI datasheet datasheet here).

Numbers: IS1, V2.1 REV 5A- Printed on the PCB

323276-004 REV B 5356 ASSEMBLED IN MEXICO- A label on the PCB

9544- Printed on bottom of PCB

That's all the information I have for now. If you think you know what it is but need more information, I'll attempt to disassemble the metal heatsink/housing to get a better look at the bottom. There are some amall logic chips visible on the obscured side.


Posted By: bridgman Re: Does anyone know what it might be? - 02/20/17 07:11 PM
what it seems to be

where I found it

Looks like one of your posts got a hit.
Posted By: SirQuack Re: Does anyone know what it might be? - 02/21/17 12:10 AM
appears to be a paranormal ghost box circuit
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