mount on-wall m3 on the ceiling with tilt bracket?

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mount on-wall m3 on the ceiling with tilt bracket? - 02/28/17 11:03 AM

My current 7 year old set up is m60x2, VP150, 4 qs8, and 2xPC13ultra. I just recently put in a Denon 6200 for 4k and i am now considering going Atmos. My dedicated theater is soundproofed so i do not want to go and make Swiss cheese out of my ceiling. I was considering M2 or M3 on-wall version mounted on the ceiling. I would want to put them on a swivel mount and point down directly at the main listening position (i have 10' ceilings). Would this work? The bracket on the back does not look like it would accommodate. Could i turn these horizontal?

I am also considering replacing the qs8s with on-wall m2 or m3.

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Re: mount on-wall m3 on the ceiling with tilt bracket? - 02/28/17 12:51 PM

Nick should be around soon, that is what he did with M3s.
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Re: mount on-wall m3 on the ceiling with tilt bracket? - 02/28/17 02:24 PM

I'm here.

Yeah, you can't use the T-Bracket that comes with the on-walls. Those are great for walls, but ceilings, not so much. You have 2 options.

1) Use the T Bracket, but pull the larger driver from the front of the speaker enclosure, drive a screw through the back of the speaker enclosure into the ceiling to prevent it from falling/sliding off of the T-Bracket. With 10' ceilings, this will work and is quick, easy, and cheap.

2) Use something sturdy like the Axiom FMB (Full Metal Bracket) and "hang" the on-wall speaker from that. You will need to drill through the back of the speaker cabinet where you want the FMB to mount to and then attach with small bolts and nuts. This will require you to find the center of the speaker from a weight perspective so that they can be nicely maneuvered. You will need to take the larger woofer/driver out of the speakers for this too.

I have ceilings that are less than 8 feet tall, so for my fronts, I used FMBs, for my rears, I wanted a lot less of an angle, so I just made wooden wedges". Here is a quote from my room build and update thread here (titled 'Maybe I should start a v4.0 build thread somewhere') with some pictures. This was from 03/26/2016. There are pictures before and after that may also be helpful. Also, I don't have them angled nearly as much anymore either. The sound difference wasn't much at all and being closer to the ceiling helps to make them not stand out either.

Originally Posted By nickbuol

Anyway, here are today's updates... The good, and the bad...

First up, is a photo of me marking the back of two of the M3s for where the FMB will go. I basically put this dead center from side-to-side, but a little off center from the normal top to bottom since I will be rotating the speakers 90 degrees and the center of gravity was a little closer to the center of the woofer obviously.

I drilled the holes, and put the bolts (with washers) through from the inside since I knew that the woofer sat REALLY close to the back of the inside of the M3 cabinet.
Then I attached the one end of the FMB.

Then we were gone for several hours...

When I got home, I then went into the theater and mounted the other half of the FMB with some really large toggle bolts.

Then it was time to put up one of the M3s at the "recommended" angle towards the listening area. Wow did these things stick down more than I imagined, but they were lined up exactly with where they were recommended for optimal Atmos/DTS:X and for having 2 rows of seats.

And with the front grill (Axiom logo moved to the long end)...

Then I started thinking... Hmmmm.... Those really do hang down pretty low. I wonder if they will be in the way of the projected image on the screen...

Yup. REALLY in the way.

Dang it... Now I need to relocate the FMBs, and move the speaker wire so that it stays behind the speakers (and not just the front 2, I had to move the back to speaker wires out as well). I ended up moving them 3.5" towards the outside, and then tested again, and I am now clearing the projector image by a solid half inch, however, I now am waiting for drywall mud to dry, and then my 2.5 day patch/texture/paint process to hide it.

I think that I will put a small heater in the room again tonight, and then get up a little early before we head out of town for Easter and do a light sanding, and a 2nd lighter layer of drywall mud so that tomorrow night I can hopefully wet sand, texture, and maybe even paint. Then the front speakers can go back up as I already remounted the FMBs.

Tonight, I also cut my wood blocks for the rear 2 speakers. These just needed a small, 15 degree angle to them, so I cut a piece of 2x4 to the correct angle, and pre-drilled for the toggle bolts already (with the heads of the bolts recessed into the block). I also painted the sides of these angled blocks, and tomorrow night, if there is time, I will lightly sand the top and bottom so that I am not putting uncured flat paint against more flat paint (cured on the ceiling, uncured on the speakers). Sure, there will be some slight cosmetic touch-ups on the speakers should the day come that we move out and take the speakers with us, but I would like to minimize it a bit.

The rear 2 speakers will have the wood blocks, as mentioned, toggle-bolted to the ceiling, and then using regular screws, I will screw the M3s to the wood blocks. All holes predrilled to prevent any splitting, to keep the M3's looking as nice as possible, and to control exactly where the speakers mount to keep them accurately lined up once the wood blocks are mounted in their measured and correct positions.

Until next time....
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Re: mount on-wall m3 on the ceiling with tilt bracket? - 02/28/17 03:40 PM

Good info Nick.
You know, anybody upgrading or building a new HT today will be pretty much defaulting to an Atmos configuration. It would only make sense (to me) for Axiom to develop and offer as an option ceiling mounts for the on wall speakers as an alternative to the in-ceiling speakers or wall monuts.
I don't think alot of people would be willing to open and drill holes in their newly purchased speakers.

i could see doing a whole Atmos system in all M5HP on walls and just varying the mounting style depending on what channel it is being used for. In fact that's pretty much what this thread has me thinking of for the future.
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Re: mount on-wall m3 on the ceiling with tilt bracket? - 02/28/17 03:52 PM

thanks for tips. I called today and spoke to Debbie. She said they would place a threaded mounting hole in the middle of the speaker to mount for a horizontal ceiling hang. I would definitely be using some bracket where i can tilt to the sweet spot. I assume this would be even better results that a downward firing in-ceiling. and with 10' black ceilings it would look cool too.

I was thinking of M2 bookshelf for the ceiling, but maybe a onwall M2 or M3 is a better option cosidering Axiom will configure to my needs? Thats solid customer service.

thoughts on onwall vs bookshelf?
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Re: mount on-wall m3 on the ceiling with tilt bracket? - 02/28/17 03:57 PM

Nice. I wish I could have gotten the threaded mounting hole for mine. Would have been nice. Then again, I never asked.
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Re: mount on-wall m3 on the ceiling with tilt bracket? - 02/28/17 05:42 PM

I have 2 of the metal brackets sitting around now since I traded in my Qs8s, what to do with them.
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Re: mount on-wall m3 on the ceiling with tilt bracket? - 03/01/17 12:12 PM

Keep them. I used mine for hanging M3's.
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Re: mount on-wall m3 on the ceiling with tilt bracket? - 03/01/17 04:44 PM

not sure what I would use them for at this point, maybe mount my M80s
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Re: mount on-wall m3 on the ceiling with tilt bracket? - 03/28/17 08:27 PM

I'm looking for a cool gift for my brothers housewarming party. He's into like techy stuff and gadgets. He had that planetarium on his ceiling as a kid so thought this would be pretty awesome (, but i've never bought anything from indiegogo, is it reliable and do you think it's appropriate to give since they'll have to wait to receive it? Anyone see something like this before?