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I have m60s for my front, vp150 and 4-qs8s for surrounds. I am looking to move to direct firing and replacing my qs8. What pairs better with m60? m2 or m3? I have 2 pc13ultras for subs. room is 25x17x10 I will probably be doing m2 bookshelves mounted on the ceiling and pointing to the MLA for ceiling atmos.
You will have good tonal match with either the M2 or M3 speakers and M60 fronts. That being said, the M3 is a bit more of a full range speaker and hits a little deeper which can be very useful. That is also why I put on-wall M3s up on my ceiling. I like having the capability to go a touch deeper, and it is more of a full sound effect. I'll also respond in your other topic about mounting the on-walls on to the ceiling.
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