RIP EP400?

Posted by: Nachosgrande

RIP EP400? - 10/04/17 04:41 PM

Is this subwoofer no longer produced? Thought it would be a good option in a bedroom ,sealed enclosure, small form factor.
Posted by: exlabdriver

Re: RIP EP400? - 10/05/17 12:37 PM

If the EP400 is now defunct, I'm glad that I acquired a pair for my audio only tube driven system.

Paired with my M2s, they make one of the finest audio systems that I've ever experienced. Really sweet, accurate & surprisingly powerful sound in my fairly large space.

Considering that most subs today are used in HT systems, they possibly are considered by most consumers to be too small for that role so probably the sales don't justify continued production; however, for music, they really shine.

Only Ian would know I guess...

Posted by: 2x6spds

Re: RIP EP400? - 10/05/17 02:19 PM

I snagged a used (mint) EP400 for $130 or $140 (don't remember exactly). Love that sub. I now have an almost complete set, EP400, 500 and 600. If I get an EP800, I think they would take me in for a 72 hour observation.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: RIP EP400? - 10/05/17 09:58 PM

Still want a few myself