Placement for QS10s

Posted by: Win

Placement for QS10s - 05/03/18 02:17 PM

So I just ordered a pair of QS10s to add to my surround array. I'm currently running only a pair of Emotiva ERD-10s as surrounds, and I'll be running surrounds plus rears now that I have a seven channel amp. My question is whether folks recommend adding the QS10s as surrounds or as rears. My movie room is a spare bedroom that's very small--the section is directly against the back wall, and sits in a push-back in the wall in which there are side walls directly against the sides of the couch as well. So, the rears and surrounds are VERY close to the listening position. I'm thinking that I should put the QS10s as surrounds rather than rears, but would be grateful for input. Thanks!
Posted by: Ian

Re: Placement for QS10s - 05/03/18 06:01 PM

I would go with the QS10s as the surrounds.
Posted by: Gr8_White_North

Re: Placement for QS10s - 05/03/18 09:18 PM

As Ian said , put them as surrounds and i find they work best up high 6 to 8 inches from ceiling , they really dissappear like this and i have tried many different placements and used up a fair bit of poly filler.
Posted by: daddyora

Re: Placement for QS10s - 05/05/18 08:57 AM

Gr8 - do you think that the 6-8" from ceiling would also apply to the QS4 ? I need to get above a row of windows on one side of the room.
Posted by: Gr8_White_North

Re: Placement for QS10s - 05/05/18 01:02 PM

I have the QS4's in the bedroom and positioned the same way. I do not like speakers that reveal their position when surround effects are played and the QS series is great at remaining hidden.
Posted by: nickbuol

Re: Placement for QS10s - 05/07/18 09:40 AM

Keep in mind if you ever want to use Atmos or DTS:X, being up high totally ruins that experience.
Posted by: brendo

Re: Placement for QS10s - 05/20/18 01:09 PM

I use my Qs10 around a foot above seated ear level. They still totally disappear and work wonderful for Atmos\DTSX effects.
Posted by: Gr8_White_North

Re: Placement for QS10s - 05/20/18 02:14 PM

Originally Posted By nickbuol
Keep in mind if you ever want to use Atmos or DTS:X, being up high totally ruins that experience.

It is made clear in the ATMOS documentation that bipoles etc are not recommended for ATMOS use . A direct radiating speaker is required and the placement requirementis entirely different . Its clear from the OP's original post he is running a conventional 7.1 system. A lot depends on how wide your room is, if you have sufficient distance to either side of the seating position a lower location may work just as well,in a narrower room going up helps make the speaker less localized.
Posted by: aarons

Re: Placement for QS10s - 06/05/18 06:31 PM

I had QS4s at about ear level for a long time. I thought they sounded great. I then upgraded to QS8's recently when I moved and based on advice on this forum I tried them about 1' from the ceiling. WOW what a difference. I am running two front presence speakers but not Atmos. I have heard the QS's are not good for Atmos but with the bi pole design and having mine up high it feels like sound is coming from all over the ceiling and around the room.... Sooo I agree with those who say put them up high. They will fill your room and Atmos might not ever enter your brain. I am surprised you are going with the QS10's if in fact you are in a very small room as you say. What size is your room?