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Posted By: aarons QS8 vs QS10 - 06/05/18 12:10 PM
Thinking of upgrading from my QS8s to QS10s. I’m supper happy with my current set up, just enticed by the possibility of better surround. Just not sure it will really make a noticeable diff. Can anyone who has made or heard the difference let me know their thoughts?

Currently running
Yamaha RX A3050
Sunfire 7201 amp
M22 fronts
VP160 center
4 QS8
2 front presence in ceiling
2 sunfire subs
Posted By: TDIPablo Re: QS8 vs QS10 - 06/05/18 02:35 PM
Unless you -really- need more bass out of your surrounds, I can't see much improvement being made. Seeing as you have 2 subs in your system already, I'm guessing most of the LFE is directed there anyways.

Not knowing what model of sunfire subs you have, that's probably where I would look first. Next up would be beefing up the M22's as your seem to have plenty of power to drive much bigger fronts. Your center is already top notch but that would be the next place I'd look after subs and fronts.
Posted By: aarons Re: QS8 vs QS10 - 06/05/18 04:19 PM
That’s what I wanted to hear. I don’t really need more bass. I have HRS 12 in rear of room and HRS IW8 in wall in front of room. Also have VP160 set to large and my room shakes! I was mostly wondering if the surround would be enhanced in some way with the addition of the outward facing driver. I’ve considered moving up to the M60 fronts. With my current settup my M22 channel levels are the lowest in my system. Needed to set it this way to produce the most seemless mix of sound. I did have it calibrated professionally and it does sound great. What would I really gain from the M60? Certainly don’t need more volume from my fronts.
Posted By: TDIPablo Re: QS8 vs QS10 - 06/05/18 05:24 PM
It's not about the volume but ability to more accurately reproduce the source material. By adding more, differently sized drivers, you can better task each driver to focus more on the frequency spectrum it was designed for. For example, a subwoofer could play a 20khz tone... just not nearly as well as a tweeter!

So, the same should hold true of the difference between the M22 and M60. By adding dual 6.5" woofers, you are freeing up the 5.25" mid to focus more on it's frequency range and ignore the lower end (though proper crossovers). Same goes with the M80 where the dualing of components likely allows for each driver to focus on a more narrow range of frequency to more accurately reproduce the sound.

However, I'd argue that you only really need this if your room is large or you are a hyper critical music listener and appreciate being able to pick out the oboe's from the clarinets. In a home theater environment, so much of the mix goes to the center and subs, the rest of the speakers are there to blend in. This is why many people like little cube speaker systems.
Posted By: aarons Re: QS8 vs QS10 - 06/05/18 06:24 PM
Got it, thanks for your explanation. Makes perfect sense. No I rarely listen to music in this room. It’s a dedicated theater room. 17x19x8 I guess an average sized room.
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