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Posted By: aarons Upgrade coming soon? - 07/11/18 12:34 AM
Am a about 18 months into my newest home theater room. Also just finished helping my brother in law put his together. This is the 5th room I’ve helped build all with Axiom Speakers all around. My brother in law went all in with M80’s, VP180, 4 QS10’s an EP350 plus a sunfire sub. After helping him with this one I have some upgradeitis.

I’m running M22 on Wall V1 I think. They were my first Axiom purchase over 10 years ago. VP160 center, 4 QS8s, and 2 sunfire subs. Considering upgrading the M22s to M60 on walls to blend with my VP160 center.

My M22s are the version with the deeper cabinet that insets inside the wall. I always thought that gave them more low frequency. The new M60s like all other on wall versions do not inset in the wall. They have a shallow cabinet. Has anyone commented on the difference if any when this change was made? I’m assuming the M60 will be a nice upgrade.
Posted By: Mojo Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 07/11/18 07:56 PM
I'm quite sure Ian can build you in-wall M60s. They'll likely give you 10Hz lower extension than on-walls.
Posted By: aarons Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 08/08/18 05:16 PM
I was back and forth for a while with what I wanted in terms of new fronts. The VP160 was my first choice but I was struggling with the sheer size of the unit. I worked with Ian for a bit on a custom adjustment. In the end Ian and I settled on re-working the VP150 center as two front speakers. He moved the rear bracket of course. Increased the length a few inches to allow for the Axiom name plate and added two bottom ports. Just arrived today. Install will take some time with having to rework the stone which currently surrounds the M22's installed. Will update once done with new photos and discussion on the sound differences, if noticeable. This upgrade may have been purely for the sake of doing it... but clearly I am cook with that!

PS, as always, great to work with Ian and staff. Very accommodating and understanding.

Posted By: bridgman Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 08/10/18 08:24 PM
Damn... that is some serious custom work there. Very nice.
Posted By: aarons Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 08/13/18 04:46 PM
Okay! Ready to get started. Room is all prepped to start cutting the stone for the new speakers. This is the part that makes me nervous. I have no spare stone to match if something goes wrong!! Will report back with progress soon as I can!

Posted By: Rjlitho Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 08/13/18 10:38 PM

Sorry for the bouncing around but know one seems to be answering this post.Any reason why?

Looking for some feed back on how people are liking the QS10s .I was at Axiom on the weekend and I am considering switching out my QS8s for a set any feedback would be great. RJ
Posted By: aarons Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 08/13/18 10:55 PM
I love my QS8s. My brother in law has QS10s. Both of our rooms are 2700 to 2900 cubic feet. To me the QS10s are kind of large and not sure I can tell that there is a sizable sound difference. However I just upgraded for the pure sake of doing so as I had my M22s for almost 10 years. If ur digging something new.... go for it!
Posted By: Rjlitho Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 08/14/18 01:41 AM
Thank you for responding. I know it the never ends. I have the ADA 1500 M100S VP 180 4 QS8s. thinking QS10S OR EP 500. My room is about 2600 .Your room is looking good how much more do you have to do? How do you like the in wall speakers?

Posted By: MatManhasgone Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 08/14/18 11:46 PM
The EP500 will give you far better bang for your buck. If you have not heard a decent sub then you really don't know what you are missing.

Hell, you are in Mississauga. I'd even consider suggesting you come over and take a listen to a pair of EP500's and tell me that you don't think they really add to the sound.
Posted By: Rjlitho Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 08/15/18 12:50 AM
Hi Matt ,
I would like that we have spoke before we supposed to meet I had asked you to come over and look at my set up .Let me know I would like to hear the EP 500 that was my 1st choice I was at Axiom two weeks ago getting my amp repaired.I was looking at the QS10s . I was waiting on one to come up on B Stock .I live at ErinMills and Dundas Sheridan Homelands.
Let me know when you have time to audition the EP 500 .
Bob M
Posted By: aarons Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 08/17/18 04:34 PM
Just a quick update for anyone interested. The stone cutting did NOT go well. Currently the speakers are installed but it looks terrible. The problem is with the new design of the on walls that hang on power brackets verses the old version that inset into the wall I had to leave a 3/4 inch space to insert the new speaker and slide it over the power bracket. So now I have a 3/4" hole over the speaker in the stone which looks bad. Additionally some of the other cuts were poor. The good news is I contacted the contractor who originally installed the stone and he still has a box full in his garage! NICE! So he is coming this weekend to remove the stone around the speakers and rebuild with replacement rocks that are cut to fit. Looks like I will be stoning the speakers in fully so they will only come out by cutting away the stone above. Oh well, I am sure I will love them as long as I did the M22's... 10 years or so.

BTW as far as sound quality. WOW, the repurposed VP150 as fronts really sound great. Nice upgrade from the M22. I think Ian should market them!
Posted By: Gr8_White_North Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 08/18/18 07:10 AM
Its all hearsay without pics . but on a more serious note, glad its up and running and you like what you hear. Lucky the contractor was able to hook you up ,hopefully it wont be too cost prohibitive.
Posted By: aarons Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 08/20/18 02:08 PM
Okay, looks like I am done. wasn't exactly the direction I was hoping to go in but I think I should be fine for some time. As stated above I struggled to get the new speakers installed in the stone due to the way the brackets work now as hanging brackets versus the older straight install. I cut the stone and hung the speakers to find a huge gap on top and poor cuts on the sides with more visible gaps. So basically I had to have my contractor rip a bunch of stone off of the wall, install the speakers and completely stone them in to make it look good. The good news is I used my old M22's for 10 years without wanting an upgrade so I am confident I will go at least that long with these (I'd better because they are not coming out without a hammer and a chisel). Here is the progression....[/img]



Posted By: Gr8_White_North Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 08/21/18 04:48 AM
Looks good , thankfully the contractor does nice work. Myself i came to find i am not a good barber,luckily hair grow back smile
Posted By: 2x6spds Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 08/22/18 04:14 AM
That's funny!
Posted By: brwsaw Re: Upgrade coming soon? - 08/22/18 06:51 AM
That really looks good, professional.
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