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In reconfiguring the layout of my AV components, I have the following question;

I have a first gen VP150, centered on the shelf directly beneath my display, and on the shelf beneath it, off to the far left, I have a Dish DVR, with it's magnetic hard drive mounted dead center in the unit.

Is having my DVR this close to my center channel any cause for alarm? I would prefer not to corrupt any recorded content.

Does anyone else have a similar layout of components?
crappilly illustrated example of my plan

Thanks in advance,
I can't find an owners manual online for the V1 but most a/v speakers have been magnetically sheilded going back a long time and it sounds like it's a long way from the speaker.
It looks like you have plenty of room, maybe contact Axiom to confirm.
Hello Spence,

Since the VP150 you have is 1st generation, it will have canceling magnets on the drivers' magnet structures, to neutralize any potential magnetic interference with old CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TV sets. Magnetic radiation from speakers could be a significant problem back in the days of old tube TV sets. The largest of those sets could even suffer from interference from the earth's magnetic field!

Don't worry about any magnetic radiation from the VP150. Your DVR unit won't be affected.

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