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Hi, all. I have a new EP500 sub to go with my M80’s, QS4’s, and VP150. I want to re-run Audyssey for the new sub. using my Denon 4310 ci receiver. Any suggestions on settings at the sub or within Denon? Specifically, I do not know what the subsonic filter is - should it be off during setup? And what level do I set the sub crossover? Any suggestions or advice will be welcomed! I would like to have everything done right so I only run audyssey one time. Also, I believe audyssey says to put the sub’s volume to 1/2 way up. That seems high to me. But what do y’all think? Music and m/c hi-rez in particular is what matters most to me, but I do enjoy good movies and tv using the receiver, so would like to get the most from my system. Thanks in advance!
The subsonic filter is used to cut out rumble that you might hear from a vinyl record player if it's picking up vibrations. Leave it off if you don't have a record player.

As for the sub cross-over, it's very room and listener dependent. Do not go higher than 80 Hz. When I had M80v2, I crossed over at 80 Hz for movies and 60 Hz for music.

You can put the 500's volume half-way up and your Denon will adjust as necessary. I suggest you start by turning the 500 up about a third.
Thanjs Mojo. I will definitely start with the volume as you say and I do listen to lots of vinyl, so I will turn that subsonic filter on. I guess that means it must also be on when I do Audyssey? Anyway, thanks for a quick response.
Yes, turn it on for running Audyssey. You might want to experiment with turning it off for movies.
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