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Posted By: minorc VP180 stand? - 01/21/19 08:04 PM
Hey everyone,

I noticed the vp180 stand is no longer offered, has it been discontinued? I have it sitting on the carpeted floor right now and I'm not sure if i should bother with a stand.

Posted By: Mojo Re: VP180 stand? - 01/21/19 08:28 PM
It could be the FMS for the center has been redesigned to accommodate the 160 and 180. Talk with Axiom about it.
Posted By: TDIPablo Re: VP180 stand? - 01/21/19 08:49 PM
I believe the VP180 stand is actually a pair of FMS center channel stands (i.e. you need to order 2 of them).
Posted By: minorc Re: VP180 stand? - 01/21/19 09:20 PM
Redesigning the stand and will be released soon, in the meantime I was advised to flip the vp180 upside down.

Thanks Debbie!
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