VP160 Mini On-Wall First impressions

Posted by: Fatboycarney

VP160 Mini On-Wall First impressions - 02/15/19 12:20 AM

I wanted to get a post up here to give my initial thoughts on the VP160. This of course as the subject indicates is the mini on-wall version. Well there is nothing mini about this speaker. It is based on a short incomplete test session fantastic and I am sure I will appreciate it even more once calibrated and I get more time with it.

I am coming from a VP150ti circa 2003. I have read complaints about the design and some saying its flawed in its design but I never really had issue with it. However I had always wondered. So the opportunity came up (thanks Debbie!) and I ordered one.

First I use my theater for 99% movies, well that may change a bit. I have never liked the sound of Dolby Surround or DTS Neural X for music, great for movies but never liked music. Well the VP160 makes all the difference. I am not sure I can explain it but it just sounds right, whereas before it sounded I guess wrong for lack of a better description. Its loud enough, strong, wide, it just works.

Now for movies, it handles things perfectly (not yet Audyssey calibrated) Loud, clear, detailed. But this is the thing I want to know if others have experienced making this change. My surround speakers have come alive!!! Its like the VP150 was somehow interfering with them or getting in there way, I can't explain it but the effect is fantastic.

Anyway this seems like its longer than I thought it was going to be
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Re: VP160 Mini On-Wall First impressions - 02/15/19 12:34 AM

Hey Fatboy! I know. I lived with the damned 150v2 for 11 years and then I got the 160v4 and it was Nirvana. It's quite possible if you're in a small room that the 150 messed up your mid and upper bass. It's incredible how bad bass can throw off everything else.

My 150v2 is now with my buddy who likes it more than a small Mirage he had (which may have also been designed by Andrew).

BTW, you gotta get rid of those M60Ti you have. Go M5s or M60s (v4). And while you're at it, trade in your M3s and QS4s for a pair of QS10. You don't need those QS4 in the rear.
Posted by: Fatboycarney

Re: VP160 Mini On-Wall First impressions - 02/15/19 12:50 AM

You are right my room is very short so that could totally explain it. And it certainly wasnt bad before but now its just WOW!!

Oh I know the M60Tis are likely next on my list. Been reading your comments on the M5s Mojo and actually recommended them to my father-in law who bought them just before Christmas and they are fantastic. Only thing that I am hesitant on with them is I dont love stands. I cant do on wall for the L/R so was looking at M50 but feel I might lose something.

I actually thought that at first about the QS4 across the back. I think based on my odd shaped room and low ceiling they actually do improve the sound. I did an A/B (blind) with my family and myself and found that we all preferred the sound with them as opposed to without. I since have added upfiring modules which I was skeptical on but again due to my room I think work unexpectedly well, so Q10s at the side wont really work. I suppose I could do M5s...lol
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Re: VP160 Mini On-Wall First impressions - 02/15/19 12:53 AM

Just to add to my earlier post, I am so impressed that Ian and Andrew can get this kind of performance out of an on wall speaker. And dont kid yourself it does not come across as small, i think the on wall is actually taller than the normal speaker. But very convenient for my setup, under my 92" screen.
Posted by: Mojo

Re: VP160 Mini On-Wall First impressions - 02/15/19 01:02 AM

I have not heard the M50 but I have M3v4. I expect M50 to sound similar to M3 but with more bass. The M3v4 is far better than the M3ti but the M5 is better in every way. You'll hear the M3v4 and want to burn your old M60s like I wanted to burn my M80v2. Then you'll listen to the M5 and cry out "That! THAT'S what I MUST have!" M5 is that sweet spot in the Axiom line-up.
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Re: VP160 Mini On-Wall First impressions - 02/15/19 01:05 PM

Actually I am pretty sure my M3s are V4, they were purchased for our upstairs TV area but I stole them for the Theater and bought cheaper speakers for upstairs.

Do you think I should swap the M60s and M3s? Not sure if I can pass WAF for that but I could try..lol
Posted by: Mojo

Re: VP160 Mini On-Wall First impressions - 02/15/19 03:27 PM

I think you should swap. See what you think. Also try to move them away from the back wall and form an equilateral triangle with the MLP. You can always go back to the M60s in their old location. But doing so will haunt you forever after conducting this experiment. I'm rooting for you, Fatboy. smile