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I'm putting together a 5.1.4 system for my home theater in a 14' x 19' x 7.5' room.

Because of space constraints, I've decided to go with the in wall version of the M5HP for the L and R front channels behind an acoustically transparent screen.

I'm having a hard time deciding on what I should get for my center channel. I could use another in wall M5HP vertically behind the AT screen, or I could get something like the VP160 on wall and place it below the screen. Which would you recommend and why? I have a preference for the M5HP because I could put it behind the screen but am wondering if I'll have wished I went with the vp160.

I haven't picked my sub yet, but will likely go the DIY route. Either way, I won't be cutting corners there.

What amplification and how far away will you be sitting?
I'm using a Denon x4400H. The screen is 14' away from the back wall, where we'll have a couch. I'd say we'll end up 12-13 feet from the screen.

Here's some pictures of the space:
My concern with the 160 is that it may be too far below your ears. I have mine exactly at ear level and it sounds terrific. If I drop it below ear level, there is a noticeable change in sound quality and it no longer sounds as if voices are coming from the screen but rather from below it.

The in-wall M5 as you described won't suffer from the problem above. In my listening tests, the M5 does not sound as big as the 160 but its off-axis response is better than the 160 particularly as you fan out 25 degrees and greater. The M5 also has higher fidelity bass even when crossed over at 80Hz particularly at higher listening volumes.

I'm not sure if Axiom makes an in-wall 160 and what the specs for that might be.

They don't make an in wall 160. But, it sounds like the m5 will work better in my situation and that I should be fine going that direction?

The M5 is a great choice. Some may say the M22 is "good enough" but there is actually quite a bit of bass content in the center and you'd lose that with the M22.
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