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Posted By: Nachosgrande Open Bar + Sub - 11/02/19 01:57 AM
Came today, it is a heavy beast! I have my bedroom tv mounted in the corner of the room, need to find a sturdy enough mount to hang it below the tv.
Posted By: Mojo Re: Open Bar + Sub - 11/02/19 05:59 AM
Does it rock?
Posted By: Ian Re: Open Bar + Sub - 11/03/19 10:33 PM
In the accessory pack you should have two wall brackets, two drywall anchors, and four mounting screws which are all for wall mounting. Here are the steps for wall-mounting etal:

Mounting Your Open Bar
Your Open Bar is designed to either sit on a shelf or be wall mounted. For shelf mounting, attached the stick-on feet to the bottom of your Open Bar. For wall mounting follow these steps:

1. Decide where you would like to wall mount your Open Bar and put a small pencil mark on the wall 23 inches from each side of the center point
2. Using a laser level, shine a line on your wall 4” down from where you want the top of your Open Bar
3. Find a location for the right wall bracket that is as close as possible to the inside of your pencil line that allows at least one hole to line up with a wall stud. A stud finder can be helpful for this
4. With the bottom of the wall bracket on your laser line screw the bracket to this stud (screws supplied).
5. Mark a dot in the center of one of the other holes furthest from the hole you used to mount to the stud.
6. Push your wall bracket out of the way and install a drywall anchor (supplied) in your dot
7. Push your wall bracket back in place and install a second mounting screw into the wall anchor
8. Repeat this process for the left side
9. Before hanging your Open Bar on the wall brackets plug the power brick into the rear of your Open Bar and either an Optical or Analog cable that will go to your TV. You can utilize both the Optical and Analog inputs if you would like another device wired to your Open Bar
10. You are now ready to hang your Open Bar

Turn On
Press the white power button on the top of your Open Bar. You should see a green LED illuminate.
In approximately 45 seconds you will hear a xylophone start-up sound, followed by a flashing blue LED, indicat¬ing that the system is in hotspot mode and ready to be added to your home WiFi network.

Sub Installation
Find a convenient place in your room for your Sub. Your Sub is omnidirectional so you can place it anywhere in the room that is convenient, including behind furniture, and you will not be able to identify its location when playing. Plug your Sub into a wall outlet using the supplied power brick. Push the power button and you should see a green LED illuminate. The volume knob on your sub should be set to around half way. You can adjust this later to get a good balance between your Open Bar and Sub in your room.
Posted By: MatManhasgone Re: Open Bar + Sub - 11/05/19 09:13 PM
And here I was thinking someone was giving free drinks away and needed a + sub to help with the consumption
Posted By: Mojo Re: Open Bar + Sub - 11/07/19 12:26 AM
Mat, there's a special on in B stock just for you. Those passive LFRs of yours are begging for an upgrade!
Posted By: Nachosgrande Re: Open Bar + Sub - 11/29/19 01:29 AM
My installation is a bit tricky, as I have the tv mounted cantilevered in ta corner. Basic soundbar brackets can’t hold this puppy. I’m looking to see if I can modify metal brackets so that the bar can hang below the tv.
Posted By: Mojo Re: Open Bar + Sub - 11/29/19 01:43 AM
Let us know if it rocks when you get it set up.
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