QS-8 - Amazing

Posted by: Anonymous

QS-8 - Amazing - 01/28/02 08:50 AM

Wanted to send a note of praise about the QS-8's I just got. They were supposed to be blemished, but if there is a mark on them, I certainly couldn't find it! They have opened up a whole new listening experience for me. I am re-listening/watching everything I own as each disc is a new treat. It is simply amazing how much detail these bring to my system, and how much bass information is in the rears. These are light years ahead of the Polk speakers I was using previously, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for the ultimate surround for their system. I do have one suggestion for Ian and the guys, though. I think you would do a great service to the installation process if you included a simple paper template to allow easier installation of the wall brackets. Being an engineer and good with tools, I had no problems getting them even and level the first time, but I can see how some would be better served with a paper to tape on the wall to make the alignment perfect the first time. Keep up the great work, you have a product that will set the audio world on it's ear! :)