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Stands? - 05/30/03 07:10 PM

How much difference do stands make. I'm not talking about stands vs. no stand, I mean different stands of the same height. I hear people speak of "heavy" stands, or "solid" stands, or ever stands filled with sand or lead shot. What's the deal?

I'm currently using just about the cheapest pair of stands I could find. My M22's sit atop, and they have spiked feet for the carpet. They probably cost no more than $40-50. Will a more solid, heavy stand make an audible difference?


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Re: Stands? - 05/31/03 04:13 AM

Hey there! I thought since I just ordered a pair of 22's myself I could actually register and post something instead of just lurking.

I too have cheap MDF stands that are currently supporting an older pair of Polk Audio's. I recentley moved to a carpeted house so I added some spikes and I thought I noticed a slight improvement but not huge. I then went to Home Depot and bought 8 bricks weighing 6 lbs. each. I put 4 bricks on the base of each stand. I used pieces of tacky putty under each brick to quell any vibrations.

Anyway... I think the 24 lbs. of added weight really helped with bass response and just seemed to give the Polks a more articulate sound.

It would seem to me a good stand should do 3 things: Hold the speaker at an appropriate height, be sonically neutral, and have a decent amount of mass to give the speaker a good foundation. I guess it would help if they look cool too!

I can't wait to hear how the 22's sound on them!
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Re: Stands? - 05/31/03 08:22 PM

70 views, one reply? What are some "good" stands, that won't break the bank? I certainly don't mind upgrading my stand if for not other reason then the ones I have are ugly.
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Re: Stands? - 06/01/03 12:35 AM

I really like StudioTech speaker stands. I have my M22s on a pair of their "SP" stands. They're available from AVStreet for USD $64.85 + shipping. I filled mine with approximately 40 lbs. of sand from a 50 lb. bag of playground sand which cost $2 at Lowes. I don't know if they make a difference sonically but I feel more comfortable that the extra mass will not tip as easily a light weight stand.
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Re: Stands? - 06/01/03 02:46 AM

Craig, my thoughts on "audible difference" are no and also no on sand or shot except as Dave suggested, to make it less likely to tip over.

As far as height goes, when I got my M22s I experimented with a specially designed variable height stand(i.e. stacks of old magazines)and concluded that 16"-18", putting the tweeters just below ear level, was about right.

Get something that looks better to you at the best price you can find.
Maybe the first two from this outfit would be acceptable.
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Re: Stands? - 06/01/03 03:26 PM

I do not personally believe in the real "effects" of speaker stands on sound quality, either -- unless you use a clearly "ringing" metal planter stand or something. I use the Wood Technology center channel stand for my VP150, and like it very much. They have a large variety of styles and heights, and prices are very reasonable ( linked above does not always give you the best available price -- browse through other dealers as well).
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Re: Stands? - 06/02/03 12:04 AM

To add to Craig's question, do any of you feel the sound or the vibrations getting transmitted to the stands? I keep reading everywhere that stands are supposed to be inert. But I always feel the sound getting transmitted through the columns of my stands. Any comments on this? My stands are 2.5 feet tall and made of wood with a round base.
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Re: Stands? - 06/02/03 01:23 AM

Shankar, it shouldn't matter if vibrations can be felt, as long as long as they're too low in level to be heard. If you want to try something really inert, pile up a couple of the "specially designed" stands I described above.
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Re: Stands? - 06/02/03 09:16 AM


If you are somewhat handy, check out the DIY stands on (I'm too lazy to post an actual link )