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Posted By: Mahesh M60's - how far apart ? with M2 as center ? - 07/24/03 05:38 PM
Since I am going to be ordering a pair of M60's, I wanted to check 2 things...

1) How far apart should the M60's be placed for a good soundstage ?

In my preferred location, I am restricted to placing them a maximum of 5 and 1/2 feet apart with my listening position (stereo only) being 9-feet away.

In an alternate location, I can place them 8 or even 9-feet apart with listening position at 10-15 feet away.

Which in your opinion would give better results for stereo 2-channel mode ?

2) I am currently using a Japanese made center speaker similar to the VP100 (purchased 10 years back) which sounds pretty good for HT and 5-channel music too. But I have that incredible itch (or should I say urge) to upgrade to an Axiom boston cherry (which would look so much more cuter than the current 'ugly' black box center speaker that I currently own).

I have read several posts on people using M2i's for centre and had several questions regarding this.

Is anybody using M2i center with M60's as main speakers ? How does it sound ? From what I have read the M60 floostanders are more efficient than the bookshelf models of Axiom. Does that mean I would have to boost the centre channel level by several db if I used the M2i ?

The M2i has a vortex port at the back. If I place the M2i flush against the wall (vortex port blocked) or maybe 1 inch away from the back wall, will it still sound equally good ? Or will I get better sound from a VP-xxx (specially when using M60's as main speakers)

Thank you for your time and comments.

Mahesh, the general idea is that the speakers should be separated by the same distance(or just a bit less)as your listening location is from them. In your situation I'd think that the 8-9 foot separation while listening 10 feet away should work well.

There have been about three reports, as I recall, of vertical M2s giving good results as center speakers. Search topics such as M2(and)center. Yes, as in any speaker calibration, the M2 would be adjusted so as to equalize the levels. It's generally suggested that at least 3" be allowed behind a rear-ported speaker.
1) The "textbook" placement of stereospeaker is to make an equilateral triangle with the two speakers and the primary listening position. I would predict that your "alternative" location will work better for stereo imaging.

2) JohnK here is a proponent for a "vertical" center speaker, and I concur with the theory behind, e.g., a better horizontal dispersion. The M22 might be even better as a center channel if you can place it appropriately.

However, the M2 (M22) will NOT sound good when placed very close to the front wall. If you have to place the center channel like that, I would definitely go with the VP150. And even the sealed VP150 (or any other speaker) will sound better when placed away from the front wall.
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