My Vintage Axiom AX2s

Posted by: exlabdriver

My Vintage Axiom AX2s - 10/17/11 02:12 PM

As I stated in another thread, I've been happily using my AX2s from 1991 with a Velodyne F1000 sub in my stereo only system (separate from my HT). The 3 speakers are still in excellent cosmetic & operational condition with no foam surround deterioration visible.

I pulled out the Axiom documentation that I've saved since 1991 & found some interesting gems. Along with the original Bill of Sale ($450), Lifetime Warranty Sheet & AX2 Owners Manual, I have several 'Axiom - We Engineer Pleasure' full colour brochures from that period. I also have full colour sheets 'Sound & Vision Product Analysis' & 'Stereo Review' (Julian Hirsch) AX2 Reviews as well as others from 'Audio Ideas' (AX1.5), 'Son Hi-Fi' (AX3), 'Stereo Review' (AX5) & 'Audio Ideas' (AX1/AX Sub Satellite/ Subwoofer System) - all in pristine condition. Furthermore, I have copies of 2 'Sound & Vision Critic's Choice Awards' covering the AX1 & AX5. The most interesting & rare is a type written letter dated February 25, 1991 personally signed by the big guy himself - Mr Ian J. Colquhoun.

I don't know if anyone at Axiom would be interested in any of these as I'm sure that they have enough paper in their plant already, ha!!

I originally bought the AX 1.5 but quickly upgraded to the AX2s. When they arrived, I found that Axiom had changed the front cosmetics that were not to my liking. The Axiom logo along the bottom front was a full width plastic strip with 'Axiom' printed on the right corner. I wrote to Axiom requesting their previous metallic looking logo which they promptly sent along with all of the documents mentioned above.

I've seen pics of vintage AX2s here around this period & mine seem to be a bit different from all of the rest. They don't match any of AX2 brochure pics (although my AX1.5 brochure resembles it). Mine have the rectangular box with the 'naked' tweeter with the 'Axiom' logo beneath on its faceplate. The front baffle is recessed with a surrounding lip to accommodate the grill.

They still sound great to me after all of these years - easily rivalling or besting what I hear now in the stores, although the Velo really helps the low end in this regard - wonderful combination. I'd post some pics but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

BTW: Yesterday I won the auctions for a pair of M22s & QS4s for my separate HT system. The Axiom legacy continues in my home.....

Comox BC
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Re: My Vintage Axiom AX2s - 10/17/11 02:25 PM

So cool.

I would love to see scans of that stuff.
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Re: My Vintage Axiom AX2s - 10/17/11 02:28 PM

Wow - rather than sending those keepsakes, if you could scan them and email them to us that would be fantastic and very much appreciated.

You may have the 1st generation AX-2 speakers which in their day were unbelievable. When Ian introduced this series of speakers, I managed a store in S.S. Marie, we carried B & W, Paradigm and Magnat at the time - needless to say Axiom replaced Paradigm and our store went on to being one of Axiom's premiere dealers - it was so easy to do because of the product.

Glad to hear that you are continuing the Axiom legacy.
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Re: My Vintage Axiom AX2s - 10/17/11 02:41 PM

I'm sure they would like them or copies for the museum. They could put them next to the wax replicas of Amie and Ian. smile
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Re: My Vintage Axiom AX2s - 10/17/11 04:24 PM


You may be right about the vintage of my AX2s; however, I have a feeling that mine might be second generation built in late 1990 or early 1991 - Serial number for the pair is 3630.

Scanning all of those docs would be quite a job for me; however, I would be happy to Express Post them to you to use as you see fit. If you wanted to scan them on your professional office equipment to use on your web site or whatever, that would be fine.

If someone could give me a hint on how to post pics here, it would be appreciated. Alternatively, if I'm unsuccessful, perhaps I could e-mail my AX2 pics to you & perhaps you could post them in this thread.

Comox, BC
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Re: My Vintage Axiom AX2s - 10/17/11 09:41 PM

Tom, very interesting info. I have photocopies(from local library)of the highly complimentary Stereo Review tests of the AX2 and AX5. I've given brief summaries here a few times in the past when one or the other came up in discussion. Yes, Ian was also making fine speakers 20 years ago and your enjoyment of the AX2s is understandable.

I'm sure that you'll also enjoy your new M22s, as I have for the past 8 years.
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Re: My Vintage Axiom AX2s - 10/24/11 06:45 AM

Hi Tom!

Your pics are added on the Wall'o'Fame now - and they're fabulous! Thanks for sending them in! See them all here:

Vintage Axioms on the Wall'O'Fame

Sneak preview here: