Posted by: spiffnme

office/garage - 09/10/12 09:43 PM

My new business is coming along slowly, but coming along. My hope is some day to get the garage made over and move my office in there. (drywall the walls, leave ceiling open, seal the floor, add an area rug)

When I do that, I'd like to have a simple, but high quality 2-channel system (plus plasma tv), so I can show clients work and/or even do some basic color grading on a large tv. (and of course have nice sounding tunes and/or tv to have on in the background while I work!)

In a standard size garage, would M3's or M22's (plus sub) be ok you think? I won't ever need huge volume, but I'll certainly want a "full" sound.
Posted by: JohnK

Re: office/garage - 09/10/12 10:28 PM

Craig, good to hear from you again. Sure, I've been using the the M22s plus a good sub(EP500)and they continue to fully meet my needs. Above the low bass the M22s are just as "full" as an accurate speaker is supposed to be, without any artificial hump in the response.
Posted by: spiffnme

Re: office/garage - 09/10/12 11:33 PM

I thought so, but wasn't sure about room size. That said, I wish my budget could float a new pair of M60s and a sub. I miss my M60's. [tear streams down cheek]
Posted by: pmbuko

Re: office/garage - 09/11/12 09:13 AM

Yeah, Craig. M22s and an EP500 are still a winning combination. I recently moved and my new place has a large, airy family room with a high ceiling. My system sounds even better in the new, bigger room than it did in the smaller one.
Posted by: Amie

Re: office/garage - 09/11/12 12:08 PM

Hmmm . . . don't we already have Garage Speakers?


Happy Birthday Craig!