M22 v3 vs. M22ti

Posted by: jsh

M22 v3 vs. M22ti - 12/24/12 01:51 PM

When I search for reviews, etc., I often come accross the "M22ti" or the "M22ti Millenia". Could someone explain the difference between these and the current version offered for sale (v3)?

Posted by: SirQuack

Re: M22 v3 vs. M22ti - 12/24/12 09:02 PM

The "ti" series were around when I first came to Axiom. In fact, my first setup I purchased were all "ti" series. My "ti's" were also called Mellenia on the boxes, which I think came out after the year 2000. They were very similar to the V1 series. As the years go by, all speaker companies look for ways to improve the sound of their speakers. Usually making changes to the drivers or the internal circuitry like the crossover. This is true of all companies.

They are now on the V3 series of speakers that have some moderate advancements over the V2 version. There is nothing wrong with the speakers of 8-10yrs ago, and unless you did a blind AB test, you probably would not find any issues.
Posted by: jsh

Re: M22 v3 vs. M22ti - 12/24/12 10:11 PM

So, v1.5, essentially. Thanks! Just what I was looking for.