Why is this forum named "Stereo"?

Posted by: GregLee

Why is this forum named "Stereo"? - 02/19/13 03:54 PM

"Stereo" means two channels, right? But my home theater has more than two channels. Does that mean this subforum is the wrong place for me to be? Correspondingly, I see that in the product part of Axiom's site, if I want to know about M80 speakers, e.g., I need to look under "Stereo Speakers". I think this is rather strange. I use my M80s in a multi-channel system that is not stereo, and there is nothing specifically "stereo" about an M80.

I can find my way around the forum and the product pages here perfectly well, because I'm used to it, but if some HT beginner were shopping for front speakers for his 5.1 system, wouldn't it be confusing to have to look under "stereo" speakers?
Posted by: tomtuttle

Re: Why is this forum named "Stereo"? - 02/19/13 07:23 PM

I think it was set up this way to afford forum users the option to differentiate between discussions about CONTENT and INSTALLATIONS that are primarily two-channel vs. multi-channel.

My sense is that most regular forum users read all the subforums, anyway.
Posted by: jakewash

Re: Why is this forum named "Stereo"? - 02/19/13 09:21 PM

I would think if a true HT beginner were to go to Axiom's product pages he/she would look to the heading "Home Theaters" and move on from there.
Posted by: JohnK

Re: Why is this forum named "Stereo"? - 02/19/13 09:23 PM

Greg, the term "Stereo" is a rather outdated concept, and if this forum was actually limited to a discussion of listening only on front speakers, it would be of very limited value. However, in reality its scope is much broader and I doubt that very many are confused and don't read it because of the title.
Posted by: fredk

Re: Why is this forum named "Stereo"? - 02/19/13 10:27 PM

I thought they called this the stereo forum because you got thread-jacks on two channels instead of one.
Posted by: Murph

Re: Why is this forum named "Stereo"? - 02/20/13 07:37 AM

Come on now, don't be blaming Jack. He is busy restoring music for us.
Posted by: CatBrat

Re: Why is this forum named "Stereo"? - 02/20/13 10:05 AM

Maybe we could rename it to "Speaker Jive"?
Posted by: Nachosgrande

Re: Why is this forum named "Stereo"? - 02/20/13 11:44 AM

That old lady in Airplane could talk jive with the best of them
Posted by: Socketman

Re: Why is this forum named "Stereo"? - 02/20/13 03:30 PM

There is nothing confusing here. Plenty of people listen to music in stereo. I watch movies in 5.2 or 7.2 and I listen to music in 2.1 which is stereo since bass is not directional. This forum is for subjects pertaining to stereo up to 6 posts at which point anyone is free to thread jack.
Posted by: ClubNeon

Re: Why is this forum named "Stereo"? - 02/20/13 04:45 PM

I always figured this board was Stereo as a compliment to the Home Theater board next door. This one was for two-channel setups, and that other for multi-channel.
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Why is this forum named "Stereo"? - 02/20/13 06:39 PM

Greg, these categories were setup long ago. Anyway, I still enjoy listening to music in Direct Stereo mode on my M80's.