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Posted By: mattdmv Subwoofer Recommendation for M3 - 05/29/14 07:41 PM
I recently setup a pair of Axiom M3 in a 2.0 environment and noticed with certain genres of music a subwoofer would be beneficial, which subwoofer would you recommend for medium sized room?

Posted By: exlabdriver Re: Subwoofer Recommendation for M3 - 05/29/14 07:52 PM
If you are using your system for music only, I highly recommend a couple of EP400s. I have a pair that are used with M2s in quite a large room & they are stunningly articulate & musical. Furthermore, they pack a lot of power for their size.

For a HT or in a very large room, perhaps the EP500s would be better just because of their higher power capability & output...

Posted By: SirQuack Re: Subwoofer Recommendation for M3 - 05/30/14 08:37 PM
the 350's are no slouches and are very musical, I have 2 of them and a 600 in my theater.
Posted By: mrspeeed Re: Subwoofer Recommendation for M3 - 06/04/14 03:39 PM
I like my 350 with my on wall M22's for my bedroom set up. The odd time when I do get to listen to it I am always impressed and agree it is very musical.
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