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Posted By: AAAA I expect crickets - 01/24/15 03:30 AM
I expect crickets.

This is how wierd this phenomenom is.

I have bookshelves on homemade Cedar post (6x6) speaker stands. They have bases that are 12x12 doubled up material similar to the posts.

Until now the bases were sitting on felt furniture pads against the hardwood floor. I was always miffed at the speakers moving around when the room was vaccumed. They would tend to skate around over time on the hardwood floors.

I decided to remedy their skating around by replacing the felt pads with that mesh cabinet drawer liner. You know, that stuff you can use in your cupboard to keep glasses from rattling or whatever. I put it under the stands in replacement of the felt pads to make the stands impervious to movement.


The life has been completely sucked out of he speakers. There is less bass and noticably less "presence" (or air if you will) in the presentation. Epic fail. They sound sad. frown
Posted By: AAAA Re: I expect crickets - 01/24/15 03:48 AM
This is the stuff. Poison. Call me crazy. Cant wait to find a better solution. Probably spike the stands.

Posted By: bridgman Re: I expect crickets - 01/24/15 04:20 AM
Scary how much difference a small change can make. Now that I have the living room sounding decent I'm afraid to change anything.
Posted By: Gr8_White_North Re: I expect crickets - 01/24/15 06:03 AM
At Walmart I found something that looks like a tiny clear rubber ball cut in half with adhesive on the flat side that worked really well for what you are doing plus I used them on my center channel speaker. They look like 1/2 of a 1/4" ball. They were in the craft area. Like these
Posted By: a401classic Re: I expect crickets - 01/24/15 12:21 PM
The M3's I just got for my son came with those little dots and we used them. They work great and we didn't notice any difference in sound before and after.
Posted By: AAAA Re: I expect crickets - 01/24/15 02:15 PM
I found some of the rubber dots recommended first by Socketman. It never occured to me to use them for anything other than cupboard door stops. I tore the drawer liner off and put the rubber dots just inside of the glue marks the original felt pads left. Worked perfectly and much improved sound. Very wierd. Thanks guys.
Posted By: Gr8_White_North Re: I expect crickets - 01/24/15 05:14 PM
You know what they say, if you cant be handsome at least be handy.
Posted By: SirQuack Re: I expect crickets - 01/24/15 05:24 PM
a lot of lower bass frequencies travel through the floor to the seating locations, does not surprise me to much that the buffer changed things. audio and sound are a strange thing...good info
Posted By: brwsaw Re: I expect crickets - 01/24/15 09:44 PM
I wonder what the foam roll material would do on a wall or hung from the ceiling.
Posted By: AAAA Re: I expect crickets - 02/01/15 05:55 PM
I broke down (because I'm ridiculous) and put spikes on the bottom of the stands. I had them left over from some subs I sold long ago and forgot all about. If you're like me you have a box of random cables, cords, and speakers spikes in this case.

I can say, without a doubt, spikes exist for a good reason. What I have learned is speakers like bookshelves need all the help they can get for making bass. It seems the less energy imparted from the speaker to its platform the better. I noticed with the spikes far less vibration in the floor.

On the otherhand, if you have a speaker that is bass heavy or muddy sounding, I would definitely give the stick on rubber feet a try. It definitely tightened up the bass but drained it a bit. It even seemed to take some edge out of the treble. From what I have read, they seem ideally suited to M3s.

From all this experimenting with treatments, positioning, isolation devices, measuring room response, etc. I'm starting to find it really is a journey to get a system sounding its best, and yes, Audio is a wierd thing.
Posted By: Gr8_White_North Re: I expect crickets - 02/01/15 07:26 PM
Just an fyi , I put those rubber things on the bottom of my M2's as well. I have my home made M16's on shelves bolted to the wall and use the little rubber balls on them too.

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