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Posted By: bertc Child Proofing: Widen Base for M60's? - 04/19/17 04:24 PM
Hi All:

So my wife and I have loved our M60's for some time. However, with the baby approaching the crawling stage, we're discussing how to best child-proof the speakers to prevent them from tipping or toppling over. They currently sit on the standard rubber feet on hardwood floors in our living room.

So putting aside the standard advice (training her to stay away, getting wall-mounted speakers, etc.), I wanted to run a potential idea by the community to see if anyone has done it or has any engineering insights they can share.

Any tower speaker is vulnerable to inadvertent tipping or toppling given it's relatively narrow base. I'm considering heading to the wood shop and creating a custom base that I could connect to the M60's by threading into where the rubber feet go. In essence, I'd be widening the footprint of the speaker by about 5 inches in each direction to help minimize the risk of toppling.

It wouldn't make it topple-proof, of course, but would it help minimize the risk from bumps and inadvertent contact? Any thoughts or similar experiences in this area?

Posted By: spiroh Re: Child Proofing: Widen Base for M60's? - 04/19/17 04:33 PM
I specifically purchased the outriggers for my M80's because the ones I previously had fell down once due to my kids. The ouriggers make it a lot more stable and being that one of them is close to a door it blocks the door from hitting the actual speaker if it was pushed open as well.
Posted By: bertc Re: Child Proofing: Widen Base for M60's? - 04/19/17 05:34 PM
Appreciate that, spiroh
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