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Posted By: Mojo M113 - 01/20/19 06:13 AM
My buds and I built two M113s tonight. They were one of my b-day presents. 30 drivers total for the stereo pair consisting of an M3v4 on top of two M5s and all that on top of an M100v4. Drivers from floor to ceiling. 1.3 Ohms driven to eye-melting levels by my Onk. It sounded best when the M100s were toed in 20 degrees, the bottom M5s were firing 60 degrees to the rear, the top M5s were firing 30 degrees to the rear and the M3s were firing right into the back wall. Looked like hell and sounded like the bands were playing high above us and far off to the sides. It was very strange.

We also built M8s, M10s and M13s.
Posted By: bridgman Re: M113 - 01/20/19 06:41 AM
This thread would be greatly enhanced by pictures laugh
Posted By: Mojo Re: M113 - 01/20/19 09:58 PM
I am very sorry but we were so into it, we completely forgot to take photos. I should also point out none of our monstrosities sounded as good as the individual pieces. I continue to be very amazed by the v4 speakers I've heard.
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