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Receivers/Integrated Amps - 05/17/05 09:26 PM

I was just wondering about opinions regarding the above? I am thinking of also changing out my amps. I could make lots of free room by combining the pre-amp, power-amp, and tuner. The purpoase is dribe some 60's hard. The main names coming up are Onyko, Denon, Yamaha, Pioneer, etc. It is not for the home theatre. It is strictly for music, although if there is not a huge price difference, I may plan for expansion.


Shane D

PS: If there is already a thread where this has been done to death, I would appreciate a pointer
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Re: Receivers/Integrated Amps - 05/17/05 10:30 PM

For stereo listening the HK3480 is also pretty popular. It's good for ~120W per channel if I remember correctly.
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Re: Receivers/Integrated Amps - 05/17/05 11:36 PM

Read my post here on the Audiosource Amp 300. For what it provides it seems like a steal. You could buy their cheap preamp or another cheap preamp and have gotten a higher current system than if you got a more expensive integrated or receiver.

spearitsound usually gets tons of NAD refurbs, including their integrated amps. A C372 could last you forever until you move into a 30x30x30 room with Magnepans, but it has preouts which keeps you covered.

Onkyo's stereo receivers, while being cheap and putting out a lot of power, have no preouts or sub outs. So you're pretty screwed if you ever want to expand to a new amp or more importantly a sub.

Yamaha.. I wouldn't go with them. They've had tons of problems driving 4 ohm loads even with their very expensive five channel models.

The HK is very good from user feedback. Very powerful and cheap, with sub outs, yet one thing I'm leery of is its 4 ohm capability. The worst I see on stereo amps and receivers is that they only output 1.5x their rated power at 8 ohms into 4 ohms. The HK 3480 advertizes 120x2 @ 8 ohms, but 150x2 @ 4 ohms with 0.2 distortion.. much lower power than I'd have expected and while not audible is a higher distortion rating than many other stereo amps and receivers.

I haven't heard any of these, I'm just pointing out what I see and think while looking at the brands. Whatever you get, unless it's a steaming pile of HTIB crap, it'll sound great with the M60s.
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Re: Receivers/Integrated Amps - 05/18/05 11:46 AM

Harmon Kardon is the only web site that I did not visit. I will check them out. Thanks.

Shane D
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Re: Receivers/Integrated Amps - 05/18/05 11:54 AM

Check out this thread amplifiers
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Re: Receivers/Integrated Amps - 05/18/05 11:55 AM

I checked the link, and there was no mention of the Audiosource piece?
I am waiting for a price on the NAD C372. Also the T773 and T763.
Rotel also seems to have a pretty nice receiver called the RX-1052. I am going to get a price today on it today.
I will check into the HK's.
Thanks for the input.

Shane D
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Re: Receivers/Integrated Amps - 05/18/05 12:05 PM

I did. Thanks!

Shane D
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Re: Receivers/Integrated Amps - 05/20/05 08:27 PM

I have both, last year's NAD C370 integrated @ 120Wpc and the Rotel RX-1052 @ 100Wpc. The Nad C372 replaced the C370 and has 150Wpc. The Rotel is $900 and the dealers won't budge on price while you can get discounts online for NAD equipment at I think the value is with the NAD price wise and power...Rotel 100Wpc vs. NAD 150Wpc. The NAD has more headrom and auto-impedence sensing.
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Re: Receivers/Integrated Amps - 05/20/05 09:01 PM

Well now that you mention it, I was on the phone today with the local NAD dealer. I can get the C372 and the C422 for $150.00 more than the Rotel. Lots more power. Mmmmm heavy thinking for this weekend.
Just out of curiousity, why would you have both? Seems like overkill, unless you are running more than one room?
Re: The pricing that you're getting on the Rotel. Is that Canadian? I have a local guy (in Nova Scotia), that will give it to me for $1,050.00 in Canadian dollars, plus tax.

Thanks for the input!

Shane D
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Re: Receivers/Integrated Amps - 05/22/05 09:05 AM

I have the NAD C370 Integrated amp and C422 Tuner driving Athena Audition AS-F2 speakers in the living room and purchased the Rotel RX-1052 from THYNAME used, for a den setup. Right now, the Rotel replaced my Yamaha RX-595 in the bedroom. I have to get rid of a guest bedroom set in June then convert that room to a den and get some Axiom M50s for the Rotel.

I'm in Michigan. I went to look at the Rotel before I purchased THYNAME's unit. The guy at the store was quoting $900us for the RX-1052, giving no discount on Rotel stuff.

Oh, don't worry about the 50 watt "overkill" of the NAD. You'll probably have it for a long time and maybe upgrade your speakers years from now or move your system to a larger room where you'll need the power. A 150Wpc unit is nice to have. If you lean toward an all-in-one receiver, I think the Rotel is the best choice of the bunch!
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Re: Receivers/Integrated Amps - 05/22/05 08:46 PM

Thanks for the input, and wow on the house systems. Tested the 60's out last night, and a new amp will definitely be needed. I think that I will be going wit the NAD set-up, although I may get the cheaper Yamaha tuner. I was going to get the NAD tuner to match the amp, but the tape deck and cd player won't match anyway.

Shane D