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Posted By: sibwalker M3ti's vs PSB Image B25 - 12/30/05 11:06 PM
Hi I'm a newbie (1st post)here, so .......

Anyway, I'm seriously thinking of replacing (well at least moving them to my bedroom) my old Boston Acoustic A-60's with somw speakers that retains many of the qualities I like in the Boston's but with better definition and clarity. I found a store in the area that has the PSB Image B25 and no doubt, I'll be auditioning them in the very near future, but I've also heard good things about the Axiom line of speakers and from what I read, I'm thinking the M3's should best suit my needs. Anyway, would appreciate any useful comparisons that any of y'all could offer. Don't know if any of this is helpful, but the equipment that I use is an older Onkyo receiver (Tx-840) and CD changer (DX-C540) both of which I plan on keeping as they both are giving me good service and don't thing I could do much better without spending more money than I want to at present. When I do upgrade I'll probably be looking at NAD or Denon products, unless I decide to go the tube route, which in that case, I'll probably be looking at what Jolida has to offer. Also, musically, mostly I listen to blues, some classic rock, and a fair amount of acoutic music (mainly bluegrass and alt-country). Anyway, once again would appreciate any comments and suggestions.
Posted By: bridgman Re: M3ti's vs PSB Image B25 - 12/31/05 12:40 AM
Tough call. I haven't heard B25s but I did listen to 2Ts before purchasing my Axioms. I wasn't really impressed with the 2Ts but from reviews it seems the B25 is noticeably improved over the 2T.

Quick comments -- the B25s are bigger and probably can play a bit louder. I found the 2Ts quite "hard" compared to the M3s; the B25s are supposed to be quite a bit better but I'm guessing you might find the M3s still do a better job of balancing "clear, detailed" with "smooth".

I don't think you could go wrong with either.
Posted By: player8 Re: M3ti's vs PSB Image B25 - 12/31/05 05:20 AM
What he said. The M22's are definitely cleaner sounding than the 2b's were. I've also heard the 25's are improved and should probably be better competitive with the M3's. Although I imagine the M3's are cheaper with just as good if not better performance (even though I haven't actually heard the M3's).
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