M60s vs. M80s

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M60s vs. M80s - 04/09/09 12:50 PM

Have M22v2 on main floor with 175 sub. Marantz SR5000. Just for good sound on movies, TV, etc. with 50" plasma. Great little combination.

New HT in my soon to be finished basement. Overall room size is 24' x 21'; HT area will be approx. 15' x 15'. 65% HT and 35% music. Just picked up a Rotel 1075 5-channel amp. 120 wpc @ 8-ohms. I need to buy a pre/pro; probably go with another Marantz receiver. They have pre-outs. I understand the pre-pro effects sound more than amp. I do like the smooth Marantz sound with the M22s.

My question relates to the sound of the 60s vs. the 80s. My amp will have power to push either speaker so the 4-ohm of the 80s is not an issue. In a HT package, cost is really not an issue between the two. Can anyone tell me if there is a significant difference in the sound of the two speakers?
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Re: M60s vs. M80s - 04/09/09 12:53 PM

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Re: M60s vs. M80s - 04/09/09 12:55 PM

Please describe the difference.
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Re: M60s vs. M80s - 04/09/09 12:56 PM

OK, probably maybe. There is a range of opinion on these two. I did a direct A/B comparison at axiom (posted my thoughts here in the march/april timeframe) and found the difference to be enough that I got the 80s.

I found more detail and transparency on the highs and a big difference on the bottom end.

The M60s sounded great, the M80s, well, greater. \:\)
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Re: M60s vs. M80s - 04/09/09 12:57 PM

Hey that was quick. I was just being cheeky on the first reply.
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Re: M60s vs. M80s - 04/09/09 12:59 PM

thank you. This decision is more agonizing than all the decisions going into finishing the basement. I just am swimming in information. Started looking at Swans and Rockets but keep coming back to Axiom. I like the business approach and also connection to Canadian manufacturing.
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Re: M60s vs. M80s - 04/09/09 01:09 PM

Have a look at Davekro's thread in the Tech Questions section. He's got M60s and M80s at his house right now.
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Re: M60s vs. M80s - 04/09/09 01:12 PM

I concur with Fred, I did someA/B comparisons as well. I had the M60 and 80s for awhile in my house and just felt the M80s kept the extra detail the M22s have and brought up the low end, while the M60s were just a little more laid back and didn't reach as deep.
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Re: M60s vs. M80s - 04/09/09 04:10 PM

I had m60's for a few years and now m80's, my room is 8,000 cu ft and they both sounded just fine, I would not say there was a huge difference in the sound at normal listening levels. When you start to really crank things up to insane level that most don't listen to, the 80's do better.
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Re: M60s vs. M80s - 04/09/09 11:20 PM

My amp will have power to push either speaker so the 4-ohm of the 80s is not an issue.

Never underestimate a 4 ohm load. If you go to pmbuko's Custom Axiom forum search, and type in: "Amp shutdown" you will see the M80's come up.......alot.
Some amps can handle "the load" and only sacrifice some power......others have the "issues" so often posted about.

My point is, that due to the slight bass extension (primarily due to the larger cabinet) and playing louder, many here have been recommending the M80s much more than in the past.

My only concern is that the newer audio/home theatre M80s buyers know what to expect. If they have the right equipment, and have done their research....the M80s are fine....however, I don't think there is anything wrong with admitting 4 ohm speakers are not for everyone.