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Posted By: ricwilli IR Repeater System - 12/06/09 01:42 PM
I would like to have my AV equipment in the basement and my tv on the first floor. Can someone please recommend a IR Repeater System that will work for this setup. Is any one using one now? If so, how is it working for you? I need it to work for a Pioneer plasma tv, pioneer 56txi receiver, Verizon cable box, and a dvd player. Thanks in advance.
Posted By: EFalardeau Re: IR Repeater System - 12/06/09 03:48 PM
Do you need only a repearer or if you would consider a new RF-based universal remote? I am currently using a Harmony 890 and it does the job marvelously. They also now have a RF version of their Harmony One.
Posted By: RickF Re: IR Repeater System - 12/06/09 04:59 PM
Ric I use an Elan IR system for our room and have been very happy with it ... Elan Home Systems
Posted By: Murph Re: IR Repeater System - 12/07/09 02:30 PM
Assuming Eric isn't still drunk from the Hab's 100th Season Birthday celebrations, he does have a reasonable alternative. My URC RF remote seems to send signals flawlessly to the basement setup from my first floor. It has trouble from the second floor but I blame all the shiny reflective heat sinks in the floors from my in-floor heating. My original wireless router was not strong enough to make it through these either.

An IR repeater may be more economical, however.
Posted By: oldskoolboarder Re: IR Repeater System - 12/10/09 09:31 PM
I'm going through the same process w/ my home remodel. I want to run some components in the garage and the display in the media room. I'm going to assume you already have a method to run the video/audio line to the TV, which alone has it's own can of worms.

For the remote, the RF remote suggestions above are very doable. Another choice is to use an RF remote converter.

It's relatively cheap and it works w/ many remotes since the RF portion is actually built into the battery. I've used it very successfully with an URC6131 remote. I use those because of the DVR buttons and it's CHEAP, <$20, looks like it even has a new version, the 6131N. You can drop/break 'em and replace 'em. I've had them work over 50' through walls w/ no issues. Sadly, I couldn't get it to work with my Harmony 688 or 659. I think the cheaper remotes emit more RF during the button presses, which this unit relies on.
Posted By: Sloped Re: IR Repeater System - 12/11/09 07:06 PM
I've been using a Harmony 890 in a setup similar to your question. It's performed without fail for 3 years now and even the wife loves it. I've controlled things from the second floor to equipment in the basement without issue. It's very easy to program and is really comfortable in your hand. No need to look at it to use it. I also have a Harmony 880(no RF) that I use in the basement for the equipment and nothing interferes. Highly recommend if it's still available.
Posted By: CatBrat Re: IR Repeater System - 12/11/09 07:15 PM
I'm going to have one system in my living room and another complete system in a bedroom.

1) Using RF remotes, can you control 2 home theaters in your home with a single remote, even though some of the components are the same model?

2) And, can I use 2 remotes, where one controls the living room and another one controls the bedroom (both with same model of components) without interference with the other room?
Posted By: EFalardeau Re: IR Repeater System - 12/11/09 07:38 PM

1) Each device can be assigned a specific repeater and a specific port on a repeater so you can control two identifical devices as two separate devices

2) In the case of Harmony, the repeaters and the remote are paired together, so in theory you should be able to have any number you like operating at the same time.
Posted By: Zimm Re: IR Repeater System - 12/14/09 05:05 PM
+1 on the Harmony 890
Posted By: stanmanh Re: IR Repeater System - 12/17/09 07:36 PM
Go to Nextgen they have a really good IR repeater/extender that converts IR to RF via batteries. You might try the "remote extender genius" model. This allows you to use the original remote control or a universal remote. Not too expensive also.
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