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Currently using a SVS PCNSD, 350 watt subwoofer with my M80s.
Decided to exchange it for the PC-plus, a 500 watt sub, do
to be delivered this Friday. Through my less than scientific
tweaking I've settled on a setting of 80hz., enabled. I
assume enabled engages the hz. adjustment. Yeah, I should get
around to actually viewing the included CD user guide. Maybe
tonight. Anyway, just curious what hz. setting anyone with
a similar setup is using? My amp is a wyred for sound with
pre-outs but no bass management.

Thank You,

The 80s can play down to 40 hz with ease so a I would recommend 40 or 60 hz as the Xover point. I run mine at 40hz and have had them at crossed over at 60. Experiment a bit, try 40 then 60 and then back to 80 and decide which you like better and go with it.
Posted By: fredk Re: subwoofer setting for 2.1 stereo.......... - 03/30/10 08:29 PM
I would experiment to see what sounds best. Once you get below 100-200Hz sound is affected by something calles room modes. The dimensions of the room will act to boost or cancel out sound at certain frequencies at some points in the room.
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