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Posted By: SRoode Modifying Gallery Pictures? - 02/23/11 10:06 AM
I'm sure it's been answered already, but I can't find it. Once a set of pictures has been posted in the gallery, can you add or remove pictures, or do you have to create a new gallery?

We've made some big changes to our theater over the last 2 weeks, and I wanted to post some updated pictures this weekend.
Posted By: onn Re: Modifying Gallery Pictures? - 02/23/11 12:33 PM
Hi Steve
You can'e make any changes to your gallery once your oictures have been posted. That being said, when I wanted to add some pics to my gallery, I phoned Axiom and asked them to do it for me if they could. That may still be an option but I don't know. I beleive Scott is the one at Axiom who did this for me but I don't trust my memory.

Posted By: SirQuack Re: Modifying Gallery Pictures? - 02/23/11 01:52 PM
It would be nice if it was more flexible, like if we had our own space to manage.
Posted By: SRoode Re: Modifying Gallery Pictures? - 02/23/11 10:12 PM
Thanks Mel. I'll just create a new gallery this weekend.
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