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Posted By: snazzed Audyssey Calibration Question - 09/13/11 10:07 PM
Hey all. I have a little bit of a different question re Audyssey setup today...

Can I place the calibration-mic outside the box* for L and R measurement positions?

I've moved my HT to a new room (a whole new House, actually) and the box* is more narrow than it used to be.

I am doing my Calibration with 6 positions:
- main
- Left as far as I can go within the box
- Right as far as I can go within the box
- Repeat all above but forward 2.5 feet

I don't think my spacing is adequate as most of my Crossover points are coming out too high for my liking.

M22: 100
VP150 80
QS8 120

In my last room, when this happened, I used wider spacing in my calibration and my crossovers came out much better... but I don't have that luxury here as the front main positions are relatively narrow.

If the 1st measurement (main seating position) is used to calibrated distance and timing, can I do the other measurements outside the box* as they should only be used for EQ calucations?


When I say, "the box" I am meaning within the bounds of the innermost left and right speakers so stereo imaging is not lost. In my case the front mains are the innermost.
Posted By: jakewash Re: Audyssey Calibration Question - 09/14/11 12:27 AM
I believe going outside the box to be unconventional but you really have nothing to loose, try it out and see if you like the results better; if not simply re-run within the 'box' and then decide if you like no Audyssey vs. Audyssey.
Posted By: SirQuack Re: Audyssey Calibration Question - 09/14/11 01:29 AM
Audyssey has always said you should never take measurements "outside" the speakers being measured. Those measurements are not unrealistic in my opinion. All my Q's are at 120, and the other measurements don't seem out of the question really. Are you taking measurements at "ear" level for the different seats or possibly forming a bubble around those seats? You also don't want other furniture in the way between the speakers and the mic, or have the air running.
Posted By: JohnK Re: Audyssey Calibration Question - 09/14/11 01:41 AM
By, as to where those other readings should be taken, they shouldn't be widely spread about the room(i.e., "outside the box"), but regardless of how many more are made, they should be clustered fairly tightly. See this Audyssey diagram and discussion which illustrates this.
Posted By: SirQuack Re: Audyssey Calibration Question - 09/14/11 02:10 AM
Here is a link to the Word document setup guide, if it works.
Posted By: snazzed Re: Audyssey Calibration Question - 09/16/11 06:18 PM
Thanks for the feedback guys. I love this forum.

Audyssey guide says try not to go "too far" outside the box. I'll try with an extra 6" on each side.

@SirQuack: In my last room my Crossovers were much lower:

OldHouse NewHouse
M22s: 60   100
VP150: 80    80
QS8: 90   120

I manually bumped the M22s up to 80 though. I think I was getting a lot of reinforcement off 1 wall with the R speaker being corner loaded..

I'll try with the slightly wider positions and report back.

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