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Posted By: jmone Powered Algonquin? - 10/30/11 08:42 AM
Any plans for a powered version of the Algonquin? I'd certainly like a set I could put outside that I did not have to run speaker cables to an amp but feed them from a DLNA device / portable media player etc. Sort of a cross between the Algonquin and the AudioBytes.
Posted By: Ken.C Re: Powered Algonquin? - 10/30/11 12:44 PM
I know that the wireless ones with built in amp have been put on the back burner, since Axiom couldn't make the wireless audio reliable. Still, ones with a built in DLNA or Airplay client would seem to avoid the "unreliable wireless" problem. And would be generally awesome.
Posted By: jmone Re: Powered Algonquin? - 10/30/11 08:44 PM
I'd suggest that you would not want to build into the speakers any "wireless / dlna" tech as it changes all the time... Just a combo of speaker and amp t which you can add your own source.
Posted By: Amie Re: Powered Algonquin? - 10/31/11 06:47 PM
It's a very interesting question! It's challenging to guess what the bigger paint point is - speaker cable being run from a receiver, or AC being run to the speakers. A poll for you to weigh in on, then, and if you can post whether you are expecting to play music from a computer-based server, or if simply want to get an analog signal from your existing stereo to a speaker wirelessly, that will also be enlightening for us.
Posted By: jmone Re: Powered Algonquin? - 11/02/11 07:56 AM
Most of the time I want speaker cables to power my speakers from an amp and I do so with my M60s,VP150,QS8,EP500 and one set of Algonquin and the deck.

That changes however if I want
1) a more relocatable / portable solution / overcome a long run, or
2) to drive them from a portable media player or wireless DLNA style device

Both of the above can be done with the AudioBytes (which I also have) but they are not suitable for outside locations (both underpowered and not waterproof).
Posted By: jmone Re: Powered Algonquin? - 11/02/11 08:05 AM
For connecting to a source I'd suggest that the Standard Speaker/Amp package then has some options that could be offered such as:
1) DLAN Wireless Device
2) ...shudder....ipod dock

...just please don't build it into the package as these are the bits that become redundant well before a good speaker and it's amp....
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