new m22's... need receiver advice

Posted by: peete

new m22's... need receiver advice - 11/25/11 02:54 PM

I just purchased a pair of M22's based on great user advice gleaned from these pages. (You guys really should get a commission!) While I anxiously await the arrival of my speakers I am looking to purchase a receiver.

My local stereo equipment store sells Yamaha equipment ... r-s300(50Wx2) r-s500(75Wx2) and r-s700(100Wx2).
If anyone owns or has experience with one of these I welcome comments on quality and, more specifically, advice on which unit would be suitably powered to run the M22's. I have no interest in an HT setup. I would like to purchase a decent subwoofer in the (hopefully) not to distant future.

This is my first foray into better quality audio equipment - my listening experience is limited to mini- systems, walkman/ ipod-type players, and the tinny-sounding speakers in my civic. My taste in music is all over the map, but mostly blues, jazz, folk, rock, and classical.

Thanks in advance for your comments!
Posted by: Philippe

Re: new m22's... need receiver advice - 11/25/11 05:50 PM

Take a look at this amplifier (Look like it answer what you looking for). You didn't really said you budget but i invite you to take a look at Grant Fidelity product if you looking for good musical unit. Sorry, no experience with Yamaha product.

Tubes ? wink
Posted by: JohnK

Re: new m22's... need receiver advice - 11/25/11 10:29 PM

Peete, welcome. My own M22s are used almost entirely for classical music listening, but I'd never limit myself to listening only with front speakers. Using a modern multi-channel receiver with a mode such as DPLII, the natural surround ambience which had to be mixed into the front channels in 2-channel source material(there was no place else to put it)is extracted and sent to the surrounds where it belongs. This makes for a very significant increase in the realism and enjoyment of music. Consider adding QS side surrounds

So, my suggestion would be one of the Denon or Onkyo receivers with Audyssey MultEQ auto calibration and room equalization. Any receiver rated around the 100 watt area would have more than enough maximum power capacity for the M22s.
Posted by: FireGuy

Re: new m22's... need receiver advice - 11/25/11 10:30 PM

One Sweet Amp. Demo'd first hand on a pair of M22'sV3
Posted by: jakewash

Re: new m22's... need receiver advice - 11/25/11 10:42 PM

Any one of those amps will work well with the M22's and congrats on the purchase. I subscribe to you can never have enough power, this only future proffs the system for use in larger room or for the times you want it LOUD.
Posted by: mrspeeed

Re: new m22's... need receiver advice - 11/26/11 07:17 AM

Peete, I've lived in NS so I know how it is like buying gear there. My M-22's are on order (both on-wall and a set of in-walls) so I have no real personal experience to speak of. I am going to power mine with a Pioneer Elite VSX94TX (or something like that) and a Panasonic SA-XR55 but it will be months before they are hooked up.

I think if you are looking for just an amp section you could easily buy an older receiver, even one without hdmi, and get a good amp like a denon, pioneer elite, etc. Whatever you decide enjoy then report back please.
Posted by: fredk

Re: new m22's... need receiver advice - 11/26/11 09:15 AM

That's a big upgrade Pete. You're in for a real treat!!

I'll agree with mrspeed. A used receiver will give you the best bang for your buck and you'll be all set for a subwoofer hookup.

With the M22 a good sub is a must to get all the bass, particularly for things like pipe organ music.
Posted by: J. B.

Re: new m22's... need receiver advice - 11/26/11 09:45 AM

a very good cd for bass, 30Hz and up, is this one:
The London double bass sound;
Gary Karr, guest soloist
Geoffrey Simon, conductor.

the first musical piece is Saint-Saens - The Elephant. (heavy)

a review here:
Posted by: peete

Re: new m22's... need receiver advice - 11/27/11 09:59 AM

Thanks for the advice and comments!

I may be in the minority, but i enjoy simplicity and feel a 2.1 setup will give me everything I am looking for.

That being said, I have decided to go with a Yamaha stereo receiver to drive my M22's. My local shop, who are well respected and have been in business for 30+ years, do warranty and service work for Yamaha.

I do realize, as people have mentioned, that i could get more bang for my buck buying used, but I don't feel knowledgeable enough about audio/ electronic equipment to feel comfortable going that route.

I have to make a decision on which model to purchase. Features are about the same on both. RS500 is 75W X2 and RS700 is 100 Watts X2.

The sales guy feels the RS500 would suffice, but I've read some articles that talk about dynamic headroom being an important consideration in driving speakers.

Would 100 Watts be overkill for the M22's??

Can't wait for my speakers... fedex says Wednesday delivery :-)
Posted by: CatBrat

Re: new m22's... need receiver advice - 11/27/11 10:13 AM

I doubt that you can hook up "too much" power to the M22's, but you can hook up "not enough". I've had that "not enough" experience just by buying a too cheaply made Sony receiver, from Newegg for about $150 a few years ago. Any decently made newer receiver that can supply from about 60 to 200 watts power should be sufficient for them. My receiver supplies 110 watts per channel and it is more than enought for my system.
Posted by: alan

Re: new m22's... need receiver advice - 11/27/11 02:19 PM

Hi Peete,

More power is always desirable, but it also depends on how large your room is, how far back you sit and whether you have a subwoofer.

The M22s, which I use with an Axiom EP500 subwoofer, can handle lots of power. I'm driving them with a 20-year-old Yamaha power amplifier that's rated at 200 watts per channel.

If you don't have a subwoofer, I'd get the Yamaha with greater power output. You can boost the bass on the M22s using the bass control, to get a little more oomph in the lower octaves until you acquire a sub. The dual woofer/midranges on the M22 tolerate about 3 dB or a bit more bass boost with ease.

Posted by: jakewash

Re: new m22's... need receiver advice - 12/01/11 01:57 AM

100W should be just right for medium loud to loud listening depending on room and listening distance; if you never crank it up then 100W is not required and you can save some money by going with a less powerful amp section.