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Posted By: FireGuy First Impressions M22V3 - 12/30/11 01:12 PM
Now up and running since Xmas day and I must admit most if not all of the data written on these bookshelves is right on. Powered by external amp (AudioSource AMP110) there's a addicting sonic quality that's hard to ignore. They replaced a pair M3ti's (which my older son now has)and the difference is very apparent. Better dynamics, imaging and layering. And, there's no more bass hump (not that this design feature ever bothered me); sort of added a level of smoothness imo. Although both speakers share the same tweeter technology the M22's are a little more personal, more attached. Listening to Therion's " Birth of Venus Illegitima" from their Vovin CD was spectacular (combined with my Outlaw Sub). The guitar strings and vocals present themselves with such intimacy and forwardness...most enjoyable. These are just some of my initial thoughts.
Posted By: SirQuack Re: First Impressions M22V3 - 12/30/11 01:59 PM
Glad your enjoying your new speakers..
Posted By: jakewash Re: First Impressions M22V3 - 12/31/11 02:04 AM
Yet another M22 convert, now to make the move up to M80's wink
Posted By: grunt Re: First Impressions M22V3 - 12/31/11 02:17 AM
You’ve just discovered Axiom’s most underrated speaker, despite what the reviews say, congratulations.

Maybe Axiom could make an pseudo M80 upgrade module for the M22s, say a cabinet about the height of the M22 with 2 woofers and a crossover. Connect it at the binding posts and set it under or even next to your M22s. You’d be missing the extra tweeter but could theoretically get close to an M80 in the height of an M22. I wonder if you’d need a different crossover if placed next to the M22s rather than under it to account for the different driver orientation. Now that would be a Franken-speaker.
Posted By: CatBrat Re: First Impressions M22V3 - 12/31/11 04:01 AM
It's called an M50.
Posted By: Ken.C Re: First Impressions M22V3 - 12/31/11 04:08 AM
No. No, it's not.
Posted By: jakewash Re: First Impressions M22V3 - 12/31/11 06:22 AM
I twould be closer to the M60 but in the height of the M22, cool idea.
Posted By: FireGuy Re: First Impressions M22V3 - 12/31/11 01:25 PM
Good idea Grunt. Axiom's new "Franken" speaker line, V1. To launch in late October.
Posted By: alan Re: First Impressions M22V3 - 12/31/11 02:28 PM
Hi all,

I like the "Franken" speaker name, and in theory it's a good idea, but it's been tried before and modular speaker combos don't sell very well. Do you recall the Athena line of speakers made by API? API was the Canadian parent company that produced Energy, Mirage, Sound Dynamics and the Athena line; API was later sold to Klipsch (sigh. .). Athena had a modular model; basic bookshelf speakers, to which you could add the bass module. It supported the bookshelves at a floorstanding height.

Happy New Year to all.

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