QS8 placement

Posted by: brwsaw

QS8 placement - 02/19/13 10:34 PM

Just assembled a pair of storage towers and am thinking about placing QS8's on top of them.
I will be cutting holes in the top of each before I do.
I've left a BD size opening between the top of the tower and the top shelf and I have sloped the spare shelf on top of this in the hopes of assisting the reflected sound but am left wondering what angle to you use on the sloped shelf.
Is there an ideal angle for this application?
The QS8's will be 90 in a 7.1 channel room, the bottom of the QS8 will be at 51" and the front of the angled shelf at 45".
Posted by: jakewash

Re: QS8 placement - 02/19/13 10:56 PM

Are those units deep enough that the tweeters will tucked inside as well? I wouldn't recommend this mounting idea if they are.

I would mount above the top of the tower by extending the back of the shelf higher up or box the top "shelf" area in rather than cut holes in the top plate and mount the QS to the front face of the now boxed space.
Posted by: JohnK

Re: QS8 placement - 02/19/13 11:02 PM

It's not entirely clear, but if you cut a hole in the top of the storage tower for the bottom QS8 driver to fire through(what's "BD size"?), it should be as unrestricted as possible. A 45 degree shelf to reflect sound forward would be better than completely shutting off the bottom driver, but not as good as a free mounting allowing for dispersion in all directions.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 02/20/13 01:03 AM

If I do it they will sit ontop with a 5-3/4"worth of free space (was going to be the height of a bluray case) below the lower midrange. The top and tweeters will be unrestricted.
I do agree with mounting them properly but I really want to find the best position for them before hand. That and we might be moving this year and I'll want to take them with me when we do.
I had one tower already but couldn't find a pair to it. Found these online, sat on the idea for a while and couldn't resist.
I have a 4' doorway with no header between 90 and 110 . These stands will allow me some freedom during the next month or so while we figure it all out.
The spare factory shelf currently sits at about 10 but I had considered finding some black shelving to reach the ideal (in this scenario) angle.
I wasn't sure if it would help or hinder given the 5-3/4" allowance.
Posted by: GregLee

Re: QS8 placement - 02/20/13 08:57 AM

I bought my QS8s used, without mounting hardware, but I didn't want to drill holes, anyway, and there were pretty good places for them atop bookcases. I got two little kitchen-organizer racks and painted them black, and they sit on the open rails of those. They have about 4" of clearance at the bottom.
Posted by: jakewash

Re: QS8 placement - 02/21/13 10:05 PM

OK, I am getting the picture now, I think it should work quite nicely, 4" of clearance should be good enough, certainly worth a try as is before doing anything else.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 02/21/13 10:55 PM

Thats what I thought.
It'll be a shame to cut the hole but they are cheap enough to replace should it sound like crap.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 02/21/13 10:57 PM

Wish I had a QS8 v3 template.
Posted by: MarkSJohnson

Re: QS8 placement - 02/22/13 09:01 AM

Axiom can likely provide you with something.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 02/22/13 04:00 PM

I've seen other posts about QS8 locations, but nothing that says whether current owners have had better results with QS8'S flat against the wall, angled slightly toward the listener or at 90 degrees to the wall/facing the listener.
When I received my QS4's I had them up front as my mains ( I was exited too hear them and didn't have proper stands). They sounded better than the speakers my M80's replaced while facing me at ear height.
I've had the QS4's flat to the long wall as surrounds and front presence with similar results.
But, back to the first rant, what's your preference?
Posted by: jakewash

Re: QS8 placement - 02/22/13 11:23 PM

I found more of a difference with the height of my surrounds than the flat/angled scenario.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 02/23/13 12:45 AM

go on...
Posted by: jakewash

Re: QS8 placement - 02/25/13 12:01 AM

I found even though the speakers at both high and low positions, were calibrated to the same db level, I could here the surrounds better when they were lower, perhaps it was the softer sounds I could here better/more often when they were lower.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 02/25/13 12:04 AM

Just above ear level when seated/reclined?
Posted by: jakewash

Re: QS8 placement - 02/25/13 12:07 AM

When seated and they are about 2' above ear level.
Posted by: SBrown

Re: QS8 placement - 02/25/13 12:09 AM

I use Axiom FMSs with my QS8s and am quite pleased with the results.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 02/25/13 01:00 AM

I'm about to cut holes in my new audio towers. The ended up up front with my Qs4's as front presence (current back ontop of empty DS cases).
Think I might leave my rear towers in place.
Watched Hotel Transylvania twice in 2 days with the kids.
Subs are setup as good as ever, and the sound coming of the sides of my surrounds works.
Think I'll cut 5-1/4" holes just in case...
Might end up with 4 media towers, I still want QS8's in May.

Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 03/11/13 01:14 AM

QS4 on media tower. Sounds no different than it did before.
I'll have a rough hole if we do get the QS8's in May.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 06/05/13 09:59 PM

I assumed the binding posts were the same across the product line.
You know what they say...
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 06/05/13 10:00 PM

It fits.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 06/05/13 10:02 PM

I was calling it the big brother to the QS4 but I think BIG mamma might be better suited.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 06/05/13 10:29 PM

Nuff said.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 06/06/13 01:37 AM

The part that erks me the most is that the V2 QS4 has the better posts.
Ah well. Counting the days until I can hear them.
Posted by: MarkSJohnson

Re: QS8 placement - 06/06/13 06:06 AM

I think that might be the first time I've seen the QS4 and the QS8 size compared.
Posted by: exlabdriver

Re: QS8 placement - 06/06/13 01:06 PM

I find no sound deficits with my QS4s. When surround special effects are being replicated during movies, they sound much deeper & bigger than their size.

I suspect that there is some LFE mixed into the subs during these scenes...

Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 06/06/13 04:25 PM

I haven't hooked them up yet.
My QS4's did a fine job and I have no complaints.
I couldn't decide on a entertainment unit design that would house the VP180 (and components) and I wanted to purchase myself a gift so the QS8's made the most sense.
I've got lots of positions to fill/swap so I pulled the trigger.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 06/08/13 03:29 AM

Another theory bites the dust.
QS4's got removed, QS8's installed, moved them from 85 degrees (inline with my knees)to 110 degrees (nearly inline with the back of the love seat). Ran YPAO and started Star Trek.
Didn't like the hole in front of me.
I immediately notice YPAO changed my subs too.
Paused the movie, replaced them to their previous locations, re ran YPAO and enjoyed most of the rest of the movie.
Centers still the week link.
Subs need some love.
8's need to be adjusted with the meter.
4's need to be swapped with either the 8's or the rear surrounds, not sure which. They did a very good job as they were.

Posted by: JohnK

Re: QS8 placement - 06/08/13 09:23 PM

Simply moving broad dispersion surrounds such as the QSs from about a foot in front of a listener's ears to about a foot behind them can't create a "hole". Surround sounds are intended to come from the side and/or back of the listener.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: QS8 placement - 06/09/13 02:50 AM

48" center to center. I moved them 48" and then back.
Subs back at 0 on the receiver.
Tape measure and spl meter are put away.
Can't really tell where the sound is coming from. It could be a little better but I'm happy.
Its funny, so many articles agree sound is best heard from in front of you but sound is mixed for 90-110 .
Good thing they are broad dispersion speakers.
Most of my HT time is spent enjoying 7.1 content. I'm going to leave them at 85.