EP500 Volume Control Question...

Posted by: Bayne

EP500 Volume Control Question... - 04/26/13 12:23 PM

I recently took the plunge and replace my trusted old Denon AVR-3803 with an Anthem MRX700. The Anthem is a massive upgrade, sonically speaking. It sounds as though someone peeled off a layer or plastic wrap from each or my speakers. I’ve been playing around with the ARC calibration software for several days, trying to get my speakers tuned just so. Now I find in some instances my bass is a little too powerful. I have an EP500 v2 and was wondering if simply dialling back the volume control a little—which was set to 9 o’clock as recommended in the manual—would help, but not make it that I would need to re-run ARC? I imagine this would also apply to other room correction systems such as Audyssey.
Posted by: CatBrat

Re: EP500 Volume Control Question... - 04/26/13 12:55 PM

Another Denon bites the dust.

I much prefer my Pioneer SC-67 over my Denon 3312ci. smile
Posted by: Bayne

Re: EP500 Volume Control Question... - 04/26/13 01:02 PM

The 3808 is still a great machine and getting more use than ever in our living room running the TV and cable box. The Anthem is just waaay better sounding and has cleaner power for my home theatre. It has no where near the features of the Denon, but all it's used for is CD's, Blu-rays and Xbox games.
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Re: EP500 Volume Control Question... - 04/26/13 04:27 PM

As long as your sub's volume control is within the adjustment range of the auto-setup program, it'll compensate for any variances from sub-to-sub.

So if you've run the setup and the bass sounds too loud, and turn down the volume, then re-run the setup, it'll likely turn things back up to where it was before. If you think it's too loud, just turn down the subs (or manually adjust the settings in the receiver), and leave it.
Posted by: TroyD

Re: EP500 Volume Control Question... - 04/26/13 08:38 PM

I just bought the MRX 500, sold the Pioneer sc 1525 and the guy that bought the Pioneer, he also sold it and replaced it with the MRX 500. Had and was always a Denon guy until this came in the house. Had a Denon 3806, lightening hit and took it out and the insurance guy replaced it with the pioneer ;(

andyways I set my subs volumn to half and did the ARC and ended up droping it back to about 5 o'clock.
Posted by: JohnK

Re: EP500 Volume Control Question... - 04/26/13 10:39 PM

Bayne, if you've done the complete(rather complex)ARC calibration and room correction procedure carefully, the sub level part of it is what ARC "wants". As Chris points out, if you lower the sub level and then rerun ARC, it's going to reset the sub level to where it did before. So, if you try again and still think that the sub is too loud, simply lower the sub volume a bit and leave it.