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Posted by: Bayne

Subwoofer Advice... - 06/09/13 08:52 PM

I'm wondering if a sub would add anything to my current 3.0 set-up in our rather large living room? I'm now using a couple of M3's and a VP100. I've included some photos of the room that includes our kitchen, dining room and living room. It's about 5000 cubic feet. The vaulted ceiling is 12 feet high and the room is 37 feet long about 13 feet wide. I was thinking about adding something like an EP175 to add to the sound, but am not looking for booming bass--that already comes from my EP500 in the home theatre. Is this sub too small for the room?

Posted by: brwsaw

Re: Subwoofer Advice... - 06/09/13 09:52 PM

I'd strongly consider moving the EP500 and purchasing a EP800v4 for the HT.
Posted by: brwsaw

Re: Subwoofer Advice... - 06/10/13 12:28 PM

Moving the 500 to hear if anything smaller will work would be my first move.
Posted by: fredk

Re: Subwoofer Advice... - 06/10/13 07:12 PM

With a -3db point for the M3, you are missing quite a bit even in music, so absolutely, you would benefit from the right sub.

I don't think that the EP175 is nearly powerful enough to work well in that space though. The ep350 might do the trick. It does very well in my 3,200 cf space with power to spare.

Is this for music, movies...?
Posted by: SirQuack

Re: Subwoofer Advice... - 06/10/13 07:25 PM

The 350's do put out some great quality sub frequencies and not boooomy, and at a good price.