Tabletop system for playing CD's

Posted by: wschwartz

Tabletop system for playing CD's - 10/21/13 05:52 PM

Can anyone recommend a simple, small tabletop unit for playing CD's, including amp and speakers? My gf wants one for bedtime listening to her 600+ CD collection. She does not want MP3/iPod/iPhone playing, just old-fashioned CD's. High fidelity not required (or possible) here, just decent sound.

She's had horrible luck with the usual commercial units. They seem to be forever breaking or ruining her CD's, and/or are unfathomable. Thanks for any ideas (it's her birthday!).
Posted by: MarkSJohnson

Re: Tabletop system for playing CD's - 10/21/13 06:39 PM

Maybe something from Tivoli Audio or (gasp!) a Bose Soundwave Radio?
Posted by: Murph

Re: Tabletop system for playing CD's - 10/22/13 02:03 PM

Not even based on sound quality, just based on their business ethics.
Posted by: cb919

Re: Tabletop system for playing CD's - 10/22/13 07:13 PM

+1 for Tivoli radios - stylish and sound great. I have been using a Model One in our kitchen for a few years now and still marvel at how wonderful it is. I have not tried their CD players but have good faith in the brand name based on my experience so far.

On the Bose - I don't want to be a basher - but I am currently in a hotel in UK that has the Bose wave radio. I have my iPhone playing to it as I type this and I can tell you there are no highs, and grossly exaggerated lower midrange. I had no idea how 'off' these sounded before this trip. In fairness it does sound better than the speaker on my iPhone! :-)

Posted by: JohnK

Re: Tabletop system for playing CD's - 10/22/13 11:42 PM

Bill, the Tivoli models are excellent, but a bit pricy. If you're considering something less expensive, this Panasonic can be considered.
Posted by: wschwartz

Re: Tabletop system for playing CD's - 10/23/13 07:13 AM

Thanks for all the ideas! That Panasonic suggested by JohnK might be a decent compromise between the very expensive Tivoli and the cheap junk. I didn't know about it.

Has anyone tried the Sangean model that plays CD's?