longer run hdmi cables

Posted by: MatManhasgone

longer run hdmi cables - 06/16/14 01:21 PM

I am getting close to needed to wire my room. The demolition of what is there is nearing to the end so its time to start planning on where everything is going to go so I can start ordering parts.

I am planning at some point in the future to get a bigger Flat Panel TV of some sort. The audio equipment is going to be in the middle of the Right hand wall, so I will need to run an RCA line from there out to the middle of the front wall.

It works out to be less distance to simply go around the perimeter than it does to go up the wall, and directly across then back down. I will need a 20' cable for the run. I can get a nice thick 22AWG high speed HDMI for $40. Now they also sell these RedMere cables that I don't quite know if they are better as it's a built in amp chip but using thinner cable.

Another option that I have toyed with is rather than trying to guess what cable I will need, run a 1 1/2" conduit from the amp location and theoretically you can pull new cables as needed.

Any thoughts?
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Re: longer run hdmi cables - 06/16/14 01:50 PM

I would go with the conduit as it gives you an easy way to run cables for any future upgrades you may do as well. As for the Redmere, I would save the extra money and go with a thicker, but cheaper standard HDMI cable unless it has to be snaked through a bunch of tight spaces where the thicker and stiffer cable might create a problem. IIRC, the thinner cable is the only benefit you get from redmere cables.
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Re: longer run hdmi cables - 06/16/14 02:00 PM

I did, at one time, look at the Redmere cables, however, from my understanding, the design with the chip is essentially to compensate for the thinner cable, not necessarily longer runs. They also are connected with the signal run in only one direction and I have heard of the odd issue with them and would it be worth the risk essentially run in conduit in the wall? Obviously, a further investigation here would be necessary, I think.

There are many HDMI cable options out there, however, one cable I started to use, especially for longer runs and a more secure connection is the "Perfect Path" brand. It is more expensive, however, it is one of the few brands still that actually offers a locking HDMI connection in to one's equipment. I would think this type of cable might have an advantage especially, when the installation is complete and access might be a little more difficult.
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Re: longer run hdmi cables - 06/16/14 02:56 PM

I have a 40 foot HDMI cable (thick bugger too) that I got from Monoprice that I put in when I finished my basement. Works like a charm with no extra signal boosters or anything.

be sure to put the cable in place and test it before finishing the drywall or whatever. I've heard some people test cables while they are still rolled up, and then they don't work after putting them in place.
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Re: longer run hdmi cables - 06/16/14 03:25 PM

Now to play along the lines of the conduit. The left hand and the front are both outside walls. As such, there is a blanket insulation running down to 18" above the concrete slab floor. In the past I have ripped that out and then replaced it with rigid insulation against the concrete wall, and then roxhul comfort bats to bring me up to R20.

This house, the previous owner hired a contractor who just put in steel studs around the outside walls and drywall. No insulation was added. I can say that the basement has been dry (non of that damp feeling) and it was pretty warm too. I am thinking of just removing the drywall and filling in the gap with insulation to up the R value, but it will also leave a 2" gap around the bottom 18" directly against the concrete.

I am thinking, that would be perfect gap to run a conduit around with no added requirements. Just put it in.

Are there any down side to having your audio equipment on an outside basement wall? Also, is there any shielding concerns with running multiple cables through a conduit? How about adding speaker cables?
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Re: longer run hdmi cables - 06/17/14 09:15 PM

I was involved in a complete AV redue at our church this last year and we ran all RedMere cables that we picked up at Monprice. Great technology where you can go great distances and don't have to get "Thick" AWG anymore with same or better performance of longer runs.

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Re: longer run hdmi cables - 06/18/14 04:45 PM

I have a number of long runs each using some monoprice stuff. I have not had an issue yet...

I was supposed to have each run in conduits but it was not done for some reason. I was away when they ran the cable. I explained it will not be a fun day for them the first time I have to try and run a new cable.
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Re: longer run hdmi cables - 07/26/14 08:14 AM

Might be a little late to this party but as for HDMI runs, I pulled the trigger on a brand I could find no reviews on.

FORSPARK, sold on Amazon, at Newegg and eBay. I purchased mine on eBay. 50ft, non directional, no chips, beefy, hi speed hdmi. It's performed flawlessly thus far. I'm setting up an equipment rack in the back corner of my basement and this hdmi feeds up to my living room TV.

Conduit is always a good idea if it's an affordable situation.