M2 On wall question

Posted by: Gr8_White_North

M2 On wall question - 02/10/15 10:48 PM

Does anyone know if the M2 on wall has the threaded insert on the back of the speaker for mounting on a bracket.

Posted by: exlabdriver

Re: M2 On wall question - 02/10/15 11:33 PM

My M2V3s do & they came with the bolt screwed in as well. I imagine that the V4s would be the same. I successfully used it with Axiom's 'Full Metal Bracket' until I went with the FMS Stands.

My new M22V4s also have 2 mounting bolts on the back at the bottom corners that provide better securing to the platform of the FMS Stands. This is a change from the V3s that had the bolts screwed into the stand platform & once tightened, held the speaker by pressure/friction. The V4 system is much more secure, at least with the FMS Stands...

Posted by: Gr8_White_North

Re: M2 On wall question - 02/10/15 11:41 PM

Thanks Tom , I am looking at some refurb M2 V3 to replace my QS4's. I couldn't find any pics of the back so what better place to find out.