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Posted By: RazorFace Is everything OK @Axiom? - 01/15/16 09:40 PM
I've been trying, unsuccessfully, for two days to get through on their phone from the US. I've been waiting for 3 weeks to get refunded for the speakers I returned, and which they received on 29 December 2015. They haven't closed have they? Even my email has gone unanswered.

So, if anyone from Axiom reads this could you please check on the refund status for order# 10800160.

Posted By: bridgman Re: Is everything OK @Axiom? - 01/18/16 10:37 AM
Resolved in another thread :
Posted By: twodan19 Re: Is everything OK @Axiom? - 02/12/16 01:27 PM
Razor, when I saw your title, I had to read your post. I too have been waiting for a reply from Debbie about an EP350 amplifier replacement issue for almost two months. I also have copied JC who promised to look into the issue. My order # 10808301 is only for $295.00. I can't imagine how long a person would wait for a larger refund. My next option is a credit card charge back.
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