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Posted By: SteveInCC Bedroom speakers - 11/12/16 10:10 AM
I have been looking at the bookshelf speakers, M2 through M22, for use as bedroom speakers. As an alternative, has anyone used the QS4s or QS8s by themselves for this?
I have a spare receiver that I would run Tidal and my own library through.
Posted By: bridgman Re: Bedroom speakers - 11/13/16 06:31 PM
M3s are extremely good bedroom (or any other room) speakers - I find M2s don't go quite deep enough without a small subwoofer (but make a surprisingly excellent HT system once you add the subwoofer).

I haven't listened to M22s but since you're going to probably be playing at relatively low volumes I think the slight bass bump of the M3s would be preferable to the slightly flatter M22s.

I have not tried QS's as standalone speakers but my guess is that the bass response wouldn't be as good as M3/M22s. I did try listening to a pair of VP100s once (the one I bought arrived damaged so Axiom sent me a replacement and I had them both for one evening before I sent the original back) - very accurate but didn't go as deep as M3s.

I don't own a pair of M3s at the moment but that's just because I *do* have a pair of M40s, which are essentially the (now discontinued) full tower version of M3s.
Posted By: 2x6spds Re: Bedroom speakers - 11/15/16 07:31 AM
I agree!

I love the M3s for a small 2 channel system. BTW, they love tube amps. I had a 2.1 system with a little Velodyne 10" sub and a 5 watt per channel SET tube amp. Sonic bliss!!!!!

If you don't want to use a sub, the M3s are perfectly adequate and sound great on their own.

I'm pulling a pair of Emerald Physics EP2.8s from my living room 2.1 system (with an Axiom EP600) because I don't want them elbowed during my Thanksgiving party for 35 people. I'm going to run a pair of M3s with the EP600 and figure it will sound just great. I will report back when I make the switch.

M40s!!! Nice. I figured Axiom should have made an M45 tower with 1 x 6.5" and 1 x 5.25 driver. The advantage of the M40 is that like the M3, there is no cross-over (the driver and tweeter are matched and cross-over on their own) and they are PURE.

Posted By: bridgman Re: Bedroom speakers - 11/15/16 01:35 PM
Yep, I would have liked your M45s as well.

The problem AFAICS was that for a while the market focus was on HT systems (where a small tower speaker doesn't make sense 'cause you're going to have a subwoofer anyways) but now there seems to be a bit of a shift back to stereo/music systems. People are even occasionally talking about them at the office, which hasn't happened in a decade or more.
Posted By: SteveInCC Re: Bedroom speakers - 11/20/16 07:37 AM
Ok, went with M3s. Snagged the Pair of M3 On-wall v4 in Custom Cherry Bordeaux Real Wood Finish from refurb store. Amazingly good match with bedroom furniture from the Philippines. Should sound good run off an old Yamaha RX-V575 I have in storage.
Posted By: Newf Re: Bedroom speakers - 11/23/16 05:04 PM
Well the good news is that the ones you picked will look really nice. The bad news is if you went with on walls - you NEED a sub. M3 bookshelves don't "need" a sub
Posted By: SteveInCC Re: Bedroom speakers - 12/16/16 01:00 AM
I swapped HT speakers and room arrangements around, so I now have M3v4s on custom 36" FMS stands for the bedroom. You're right, the regular bookshelf version doesn't need a sub. The 36" stands are also the perfect height for my home office PC setup, which is now in the bedroom (very big bedroom).
Life is good. smile
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